Long Run Sunday - Ft Snelling 2

Plan: Keep a low heart rate.  Except on that one hill, anything is fair game on that hill.  Run all the way home and quick cool down, because I have to fetch a friend from the airport after.

Route: Ft Snelling Run.  Today there was no ice nor snow.  Excellent.

Weather: Winds were strong out of the SSE.  Therefore, I run SSE into the wind at the beginning of the run and the back half of the run is with the wind.  Excellent planning.  It was around 40* and cloudy most of the run, but sunny for about the last mile.

Execution: Pretty good I thought.  I kept a low heart rate until the hill.  After the hill, I kept my heart rate relatively under control until the last mile.  Things always seem to fall apart in the last mile.  Sigh.

Nutrition: I woke up early and had only yogurt (no fruit or granola) before the run.  I finished off a bag of chomps during the run.  One or two pieces every couple of miles.  My stomach was fine the whole time.  Thank you universe.

Bonus: I tried to take pictures of places I don't normally take pictures on this trail.

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