Good cardio - I needed that

Let's review:
Friday - ran just over a mile.  On the way to catch the train I fell SPECTACULARLY and rolled my ankle. Ankle swollen.
Saturday - Ankle swollen.  Ran just over a mile.  Less pain while running than sitting still.  That's gotta be good right? 
Sunday - Ankle less swollen.  Now wearing two compression socks on one foot.  All of my shoes are zero drop!?!?  Ran my mile. 
Monday - Maybe walking around Costco will be my exercise.  Ankle improving but still tender.  Ran my mile.  Have found at least two pairs of zero drop shoes.  Am terribly sad that Speedstars are no longer made. 

Today: Now have an actual brace. My ankle is unswollen and that slightly green "post bruise" color.  Am going insane.  I need to MOVE.  Ran my mile on the treadmill.  Then got in the pool.
The workout was going to be 200 warm up, then 300 backstroke + 200 free X 3, then cool down.
Yeah, that warmup sucked.
I started my first 300 and then was all "see if you can go to 400" and then was like "500?" and then was like "800?"  and then "1,000?" and then it was like "just go to 1200 and do a cool down"  I went totally by effort and let it feel hard.  I must've needed it because it felt really good to move.

Tomorrow, I may try the elliptical.

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