Running Conditions in March - a photo essay

Goal: Capture what it's like to run in March.
Method: Take a pic using my InstaWeather app at the end of every run in March.
Outcome: I totally forgot one day and one day remembered at night and just got my socks.  30/31 is pretty good though.  Right?
Lowest Temperature: -1*
Highest Temperature: 70*
As expected: Skora Phase X looks bad ass in the dark.
Biggest Surprise: Those Skora Fits (yellow shoes) made more appearances than I would've expected.


February 2015 Monthly Totals

What Worked Well:  I've been heading to the downtown gym on the weekends for workouts.  The downtown gym is a pleasure on Sundays.  I have the place to myself.
Also, I took a weight lifting class.  I enjoyed it during the class, but hated getting up early and feeling 'forced' to go because I'd paid extra for it. But it was an excellent workout.

What Could Go Better: Well, there wasn't much running this month.  Instead I did my best impersonation of Oscar the Grouch for most of the month.   Part of the low mileage was that weight lifting class happening on Wednesday morning, a day I'd usually get in a longer run.

Biggest Surprise: I'm really okay with the low mileage month.  It felt right.

Plan for March: Run more miles.  I mean, really.