November Monthly Totals

What Worked Well: 1. Running at Julie's house.  Although the woods were closed for deer hunting, I was able to work in a run on the crushed limestone trail.  I got utterly soaked by the end of the run but had a blast.
2. Running 10 miles on Thanksgiving day.  I even threw in a 'finisher' of squats, standing bicycles and standing toe touches. 
3. Started the TRX/Kettlebell class at the gym.  I'm finding it quite challenging.  I'm enjoying it and hoping to add some of what I learn to my 'finisher' repertoire.

What Could Go Better: You know it drives me nuts that I missed 100 running miles but less than 2 miles right? 

Biggest Surprise:  I was going to say 'the elliptical' but then I realized I only went to two Spin classes this month.  That seems not quite right.

Plan for December: Run a mile per day.  Run 28-30 miles per week.  Finish up the TRX/Kettlebell class. Add 'stair running' to my track workouts at least six times this month.  (There is a stair case at either end of the indoor track.  I would like to run down and back up the stairs every lap excluding my first mile and my cool down, for at least six workouts.)  Run lots and lots in Cincinnati for the holidays.

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