Gym Bag Neccessities

Thanks to Shut up and Run for this topic.  What's in your gym bag?

Small plastic sandwich baggies.  When I drive to a run, I need a way to carry my car keys with me.  My 'key' at the moment is a remote.  If it gets sweaty and shorts out, my car will not start.  So I put the remote in a little sandwich bag in my pocket, to keep it sweat free. Remember the old fashioned days when you could just tie something to your shoe?

Ear buds.  I tend to run sans music outside.  Running around the track for an hour, or bobbing up and down on an elliptical, I really appreciate my tunes.  I remember the moment I discovered noise blocking headphones for the gym, as I was looking at a guy pounding away on the treadmill but couldn't hear the offending sounds.  My life was forever changed in that moment.

Elastic Headbands.  Because my hair is a hot mess and needs to be contained.  I have a rotating stash that live in my gym bag.

Plastic dirty clothes bag.  Nothing fancy.  Right now I'm using an old Gap shopping bag.  It just has to be plastic so it keeps the smell and the funk contained.

Lock.  It sounds stupid but the moment you forget it, you'll really miss it.

My Gym ID card.  It just stays in the gym bag with my lock.  Because I am lazy.

Race belt, arm band, or similar.  To carry my portable music device. And possibly my keys.

Spare clean underwear and clean socks.  Because we all forget things from time to time.

Emergency fruit snacks.  Sometimes I just get hungry.

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