8.5 Miles on Cedar Lake Trail

I had actually two workouts tonight.  I took the unusual step of driving to the downtown gym so I could take longer at the end of the night without rushing.

Workout 1 - Run 8.5 miles, interval workout.  As I've mentioned before, I'm not training for a single thing right now, and I'm really taking steps to enjoy that.  I still wanted a longer workout today, so I did run/walk intervals along a new-to-me section of the Cedar Lake Trail.  I had a nice time.  The intervals let me run harder than normal, but for short enough bursts that my heart rate didn't get out of control.

Workout 2 - Spin.  With the Dungeon Master.  She earned that nickname herself.  We did the long hill workout, which was my favorite from before.  Except I didn't remember coming out of my seat so many times in the last workout.  I am terribly lazy on bike, and hate coming out of the saddle.  The only thing I hate worse is jumps. 

After the workout, I leisurely got cleaned up, dried my hair, etc.  Then I stopped by a Chinese Restaurant (it's been too long) and grabbed some takeout for dinner.

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