All of the Running

I started counting my calories again a week or two ago.  Since then, my sleeping has been all messed up and I've had some serious problems waking up in the morning.  Perhaps because I'm hungry?  I'd been doing all of my running in the afternoon and evening which was fine until Labor Day weekend.  Also known as the weekend of beautiful messes.  And me getting up early.

Friday: I woke up before 7am, which doesn't sound early but I was happy for myself.
Run: 4 miles
Stretch: I foam rolled a few minutes in the morning after running.  I did this stretching video before bed.
Other: Rehearsal, then rehearsal dinner.

Saturday: I woke up at 5:15am.  Or more correctly my body got out of bed at that time.  The actual waking process took much longer I'm sure.  It was worth it because sunrise over the lake was really special.
Run: 9 miles, no heart rate monitor
Finisher: 11 minutes
Stretch: 6 minutes, this video.  It was just enough to get me ready for the day.
Other: Salon, lots of pictures, ceremony and a big party because Qat Lady got married!!!

Sunday: I woke at 6am, not on purpose, but couldn't really get up.  I fell back asleep and eventually pulled myself out of bed around 9:30am. 
Run: 4 miles, no heart rate monitor
Stretch: 15 minute foam rolling with this video.  I skip the first 5 minutes where she talks about different foam rollers after I heard it the first time. 
Other: Opening gifts brunch for Qat Lady and Mr Qat Lady

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