6 Miles of Blergh

The run today can best be described as 'blergh' with a dose of 'grateful I can run and grateful for the chance'.

Blergh 1 - My alarm when off around 5:20am.  It was dark.
Blergh 2 - The sidewalk I was running on left something to be desired for all of Minnehaha Parkway.  I remember now why I don't normally come this way.
Blergh 3 - I'm tired.  Did I tell you what time my alarm went off?
Blergh 4 - That weird girl who was all 'hey!'  'ay!' at me when I was running and I totally ignored.  Because it was weird. 
Blergh 5 - Actual blergh.  Thank goodness for the nearby facilities.

I'm mostly impressed with myself for actually getting out of bed and doing this.  So that's in the 'way to go' column.

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