8.5 Miles in Minneapolis

I was all over the place today, similar to last Monday's Run.  Except this time, I didn't stop at the sculpture garden.  I continued on through Loring Park and up Loring Greenway into downtown.  It was a hot and very slow run.
Today I at least had the sense to program intervals into my workout, so I'd planned walk breaks which really helped keep my heart rate down. Not as low, probably, as it should've been the entire time, but much lower than last week. Average heart rate was 144 for the run, compared to 153 last week.  In a second stroke of genius, I ended the run at the downtown gym.  I stopped in for a nice foam roll session and to re-fill my bottle before taking the bus home.  Excellent.
Today, I also tried not to repeat the same pictures as last week.  I'm not sure how I did.  For sure the Spoonbridge is at a different angle. 

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