5.3 Miles - back to my running paths

The thing about Cincinnati Running is that it mostly takes place on main streets with cars zooming by next to the sidewalk.  (Madison Road and Grandin Road, I'm looking at you.)  Where I was running last week, some of the busiest places don't even have a grass boulevard between the sidewalk and the cars so I was really right next to them.  It was not my favorite kind of running.

Today, I went for an early run, 5.3 miles along the creek.  I noticed myself being really grateful for not running along a main road. I stayed on these big sidewalks on these very quiet side streets, and had a block on the main road becuase I go up to a walk light to cross.  Then I zipped down to a running path that's not even near a road.   I got to see lakes and creeks and my Blue Heron friend.  I have no idea where the egret went.  I didn't realize how not fun it was to be always running around cars until I got a break from it. Another reason I'm glad to be in Minnesota.

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