Blog-streaking: Pros and Cons

Last week, I decided that I'd try to write every day until the end of the Runner's World Run Streak and so far, I have written every day.  I think in the future, the rule should be "no writing on 'one mile run' days" because one mile runs are like a place holder.  It's not a ton of training, just a bit, enough to keep the streak alive but not to build a ton of fitness.  There's nothing interesting to say about runs like this. 

I mention these thoughts because today was indeed a 'one mile run' day.  The most remarkable thing may be that I ran in my Vibrams and I ran much faster than usual, because I still haven't dug my heart rate monitor out of whatever hole it fell into.  I was so tired at the end of my work day I was seriously considering not going to Zumba until a friend offered to come fetch me and provide transportation.  So today, among other thing, I am grateful for great friends!

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