5 Early Morning Miles

Last night I posted on Facebook, "I'm looking for someplace I can run that isn't flooded" (which is harder than it sounds right now)  A friend helpfully posted "go to the gym" which had honestly not occurred to me.  I did go to the gym but ran outside on the Greenway from there, because why run in circles on a track when outside is available and not covered in snow?

The run itself was 5 miles (fairly slow) with a nice even heart rate hovering just below 150bpm for most of the time.  I was surprised with the number of people along the Greenway so early in the morning, given its near desertion on the weekends.  This morning there were tons and tons and tons of bikers, more than a few runners and a couple dog walkers.  I was glad for the company.

After the run, I did a few dynamic stretches to get my hips back into proper shape, but not much other stretching and no strength exercises.  My legs haven't quite forgiven me for the squats of the past few days so I'm on a bit of a peacekeeping mission.

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