Fun at May Day

The May Day Parade is a super big deal in South Minneapolis.  Most years I miss it because I'm home running the Flying Pig events, but not this year.  (PS - congratulations to Ryan Hall, Flying Pig 10K winner and Sergio Reyes with a Flying Pig Marathon three-peat)  This year I was not watching Ryan Hall but instead hanging out in the Twin Cities.  Even more spectacular was the lack of snow.

The theme this year was "Wonder".  While I often miss out on the more artistic aspects of the parade, I enjoyed the various dancers.  And the drums.  I always love the drums.  There was one set of costumes that I thought looked eeriliy like something the KKK would wear, and I believe it was unintentional given the placement in the parade.  I told a friend, "being in The North, you don't have to think about this, but in Cincinnati, everyone would get the reference, intended or not."  Luckily, no one on the route appeared to be offended.  Enjoy some pictures from the day.

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