Weekend Workouts - Stop Counting the Calories!

Who remembers the week leading up to a big race?  It's mostly filled with rest, and slightly more eating that usual.  Right?  Mine was filled with some of that, and other stuff as well.  Saturday races are new to me.  Don't marathons and half marathons belong on Sundays?  Just saying.

I had two longer workouts early in the week, and then took several days as rest.  Someone in the middle of my resting, I had to stop counting calories, just for a little while.  I may have mentioned panic attacks in the past and one of their symptoms for me is that I stop eating.  In a not-healthy way.  So I just had to stop calorie counting, because I didn't want anything interfering with basic nutrition.  And then Thursday and Friday should've been carbo-load days anyways and I didn't want to know...

This week also marks the end of a training period where I'd been training for both Get in Gear and Trail Mix.   So I get to come up with a new plan for the next eight-week period.  I think it's going to involve heart rate training, and shorter 'long' runs of 8-9 miles, as well as attempting to throw some trail runs into the mix. 

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