Weekend Workouts: A treadmill and weather all over the place

Sunday: I felt like death and had exactly no desire to run.  So I did a quick mile around the neighborhood.  In the freezing cold.  They keep promising it will get warm again so I'm hopeful that may have been my last subzero run.  I've also never been so happy to see a step back week in my life.

Monday: I got to the gym around 4pm.  I took one look at the track and immediately decided to abort that mission.  Instead I got on the treadmill.  I hate the treadmill and one of the only ways I can keep myself interested is to very the pace.  A lot.  Then I walked a mile to cool down and stretched for about 20 minutes.

Tuesday: I had a brief thought about running outside before deciding that would be miserable because of all the snow banks and glare ice.  I had time for a four mile run and nice foam roll session before work.

Wednesday:I felt sort of like garbage and had a weird day with sleeping in and having a board meeting at 5:30pm.  I wound up running a mile outside.  Weather is much warmer (and calling 25* warm should tell you what kind of winter it's been), and we're clearly heading into a massive puddle season.

Thursday: I ran 'naked' today meaning without my phone or any kind of electronic device.  I ran 1.5 miles on the track.  I headed back to Body Pump.  And then I Zumba'd.  I hadn't been to Zumba in like two weeks and I was really happy to be back.  Sine I have no pictures, enjoy one of my favorite songs for dancing:

Friday: I woke up at the crack of dawn and hit the track.  I had quite the slow start which was fine with me and kept the whole run fairly slow and relaxed.  Which was also fine with me.  I had time for a nice 10-minute stretch afterwards.  More would've been nice.  Spending a lot of time in the car for the job now, I feel the constant need to make peace with my hip flexors.

Saturday I ran my mile on the track (sans electronics again) and then hit up a bonus second Body Pump class for the week, followed by Zumba. 

I started out this week feeling really low, and was glad for the break.  I'm looking at one more cycle of long runs and a break week before my first race of the season, the Trail Mix 25K in April. 

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