Sunday Run: Inside. Again.

I am ready for spring so I can run outside.  Why?  Because I'm sick of all the music on my iPod.  I don't need music to run outside.  I just listen to the sound of my own awesomeness.  See here for more details.  Basically I'm just ready to run outside again.  I think we're to a point where I could survive the remaining snow and ice.  The wind the past few days has been no joke and that alone drove me back inside.

Today, my goal was a slow run.  Mission accomplished I'd say.  I drug myself out of the house with the promise of 3 or 4 easy miles but once I got to the gym, 5 miles felt reasonable so that's what I wound up going for.  And I really took it slow and steady.  After the run, I walked a mile and talked to Dad on the phone.

For the rest of the week, technically I need to run a 13-miler.  Looking at the weather, I'm unclear on when I'll be fitting that in.  I may do another long gym workout like last week.  I miss spring.

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