50 Things in the Twin Cities

My friends at City Pages made a list of the 50 Things I Need to Do in Twin Cities Before I Die.  This list features lots of alcohol related activities.  I've failed at most of those.  Here's how I'm doing with the whole list:

50. Take the light rail to Mall of America.  Done more than I would've liked.
49. Enjoy a summer Happy Hour at Vic's on St Anthony Main.  Not done.  What is summer?
48. Take a free outdoor yoga class.  Not done.  I see your yoga and raise you Zumba in the Park.
47. Cheer on the Gophers at TCF Bank Stadium.  Not done.  But I did get a stadium tour one time.
46. Head to Downtown St Paul for St Patrick's Day.  I may have accidentally done this while I was working at the museum, and that's not the best way to get this experience.
45. Warm up with Pho from Quang on Eat Street.  Done.  There's boatloads of good pho to be had around town.  Thank goodness.
44. Celebrate Fashion in Minnesota.  Not done.  I miss my exchange-brother.
43. Test your luck with Mystery Beer at Liquor Lyle's.  Not done. This one sounds like one I'd actually try though.  How fun!
42. Browse the vintage stores of St Paul and Minneapolis.  Somewhat done, though not the ones mentioned.
41. Sample the homemade Vodka at Moscow on the Hill.  Not done.  Sadly.  Last time I was at that restaurant it was for a work function so I couldn't imbibe.
40. Spend a snowy Sunday in St Paul.  Done.  Done way too many times.
39. Go lawn bowling at Brit's Pub.  Not done because it's on the roof and I'm afraid of heights.
38. Win a Friday Meat Raffle at the 1029 Bar.  What?!?
37. Fly a Kite at Lake Harriet Winter Kite Festival.  I think I have seen this festival.  I have no kites though.
36. See a movie in Father Hennepin Park...  Not done.
35. Take your friends on a Northeast Brewery tour.  Need to do.
34. Bring your kids to Wild Rumpus Bookstore. Even though I do not have kids, I took the girl I tutored there, so done.
33. Spend an evening in Linden Hills and see a performance at Lake Harriet Bandshell.  One of my favorite new traditions from last summer was seeing the Minneapolis Pops play on Sunday evening.  See some pictures for more info.
32. Check out Midtown Global Market.  Done. See No Coast Craftorama for more details.  Or perhaps MusicFest.
31. Grab dinner at Sea Salt Eatery and walk to Minnehaha Falls.  I've never done the Sea Salt part but Lucinda and Sandy both keep promising me.  I've done the falls.
30. See a show at the Gay 90's.  Not done.
29. Do an Ice Cream Crawl.   Done, although not all the shops in the same day.
28.  See a play!  Done.  Did you know, outside of New York, Minneapolis has the most theaters per capita in the country.
27. Explain Scott Seekins to someone.  Explanation Here.  And done.
26. Tour the Northeast Art District during Artawhirl.  Not done.
25. Observe the US Pond Hockey Championships.  Done and pictures to prove it, although those are form the other side of the lake from the rink.
24. Buy Tickets to Rock the Garden.  Didn't even know this was a thing until I saw the list.  I will take it under advisement.
23. Enjoy and Eastern European evening in Northeast.  Surprisingly, done.
22. Take a Nice Ride Tour.  Not done, but I keep hoping Mom and Dad will come up for a visit and we can make some use of the Nice Ride bikes.  I loved the DC bike share.
21. Go to a Twins Game in every weather condition.  Done - when they were in the dome.  I ignore the outdoor ball park and no list will make me change that.
20. Attend Minnesota Fringe Festival.  Not done.
19. Eat an Al's Breakfast pancake.  Not done.
18. Take in the May Day Parade at Powderhorn Park.  Done in the snow and in the sunshine.  I don't do it every year because it's always the same weekend as Flying Pig and choices have to be made.
17. Participate in the Twin Cities Marathon.  Done!
16. Take in a night of karaoke at Otter's Salloon and Vegas Lounge.  I think I've been to the Otter before.  My personal favorite for karaoke is The Cardinal.
15. Compare Juicy Lucy's at Matt's Bar and the 5-8 Club.  Not done.  I've had them at Matt's and they don't offer bacon as a topping.  For a freaking cheese burger.  I ask you.  So even though I haven't been to the 5-8 Club I'm pretty sure theirs is better.
14. Check out some lesser known museums. The Museum of Russian Art is actually really cool and worth the admission fee.  We had a tour one time through work and it was great.  Done.
13. Attend the Pride Parade.  Actually not done.  I'm an ally from far away apparently.
12. Go ice-skating outdoors.  Done.  We took the team once when I worked at the Science Museum.  Yes; I am an awesome boss.
11. Hunt for St Paul Carnival Winter Medallion.  I couldn't even understand the clues this year.  We'll call that participation though and just move on.
10. Spend a Saturday at the CC Club.  Not done.  There's a lot of alcohol related tasks on here though.
9. See Art on the Ice at Art Shanty Projects.  Not done.
8. Day drink at a block party.  Not done.  Not planning on it either.
7. Paddle the Chain of Lakes.  Does running count?  Also, Lake Harriet is not in the Chain of Lakes which is actually made up of Calhoun, Isles, Cedar and Brownie Lakes.  City Pages! Shaking my head.
6. Travel Minneapolis by ski or snowshoe.  Again, does winter running count?
5. See Prince at Paisley Park.  I want!
4. Get lost in the Skyway System.  Absolutely done.
3. Eat something on a stick at the Great Minnesota Get Together.  Done. 
2. Bike the entire Greenway.  Done.  I've also run the whole thing.
1. Watch a local act headline First Avenue.  Not done.  I've heard great things about First Ave though.

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