2014 Running and Fitness Goals

Goals for 2014: as I was reviewing the data from 2013, I'd already started thinking about what I can do the same, more, better, and different for a great 2014.

Running: Continue to run every day, at least one mile. It's already been over 400 days, which is insane to me.  We'll see how long I can keep it going.
Cross training: Add weight lifting, at least 1 hour per week.  Every runner always reads about weight lifting.  This year I've updated my training log to give weightlifting its own column.  I can do BodyPump once per week, or do my own exercises, or youtube videos.
Cross training: Add stretching, at least 1 hour per week.  Again, I gave this its own column on my training log this year.  I will count Yoga, or stretching on my own at home, or foam rolling sessions.  I started to realize the importance of stretching this year, and it really became part of my life as I kept running after the marathon.
Cross training: Add core work, 1 hour per week.  This can be stuff like 8 minute abs or going to a Pilates class. This is a 'soft' goal because I can't quite picture how I'm going to add this to my life, but it seems like a good idea.  Can we just take a moment to honor the greatness of the 8 minute abs video, and the other videos in the '8-minute' family?
Total weekly mileage: Average 28 miles per week.  This is a 'soft' goal because increasing mileage without marathon training may present some challenges.
Total mileage: 1,450 for the year which matches nicely with averaging 28 miles per week.  Again, this is a 'soft' goal because I keep saying I'm not running a marathon next year.
 Nutrition: I know I should come up with one, but I don't have anything specific enough in my mind right now.  My current goal may actually be to track my eating for all of February.  I'm giving myself January off.  

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