Thankful: Black Friday

At roughly dark-o-clock my aunt woke my butt up.  It was time to shop.  My goal was to not wind up in debt since I'd already accomplished most of my Christmas Shopping objectives.

O'dark-thirty we left and headed to the mall.  It's not as crazy as people say it is on Black Friday, at least where I am.  We wound up at Macy's for most of the time.  I picked out earrings which Mom will gift me for Christmas.  We did shopping for Dad.  We shopped for Grandma.  I bought nothing.  We are considering that a win.  The rest of the mall took less time than just Macy's.  Because that's how we roll.

We headed home for lunch and to plan out our next strategy.  Every time they started talking about going to the next place, I just wanted to roll over and croak.  Seriously, going for a hard run sounded better to me.  So that's what I did.  It wasn't a super hard run, but I was very happy for it.

The run re-energized me and we headed out to Marshall's to do more shopping.  Mom and I got more for Dad.  She also got me a pair of running gloves (which I picked out) and a hair dryer.  While we were waiting forever for Mom to try on pants, I started touching stuff int the shoe department.  I was inspecting a box of what I thought were New Balance walking shoes and discovered instead a very expensive pair of running shoes for about $30.  I was all, "I'm buying these for myself, I'm not even waiting for Christmas".  Win!

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