Happy Thanksgiving!

I ran 10 miles today.  Yes, that is the longest since the marathon.  I can't say it totally reinvigorated me this year the way it has in years past.  I started off by running a warm-up mile.  Then I opened up my run-walk strategy.  It was a 5-minute running, 2-minute walking kind of day.  I've used the same workout in past years.  It's a bit more recovery time which helps keep the heart rate lower, and lets me go a bit faster when I am running 

Sadly, my phone died just before mile 7, so I had to make some adjustments.  The goal of the run was 10 miles.  Happily,  I was in a place where I knew the distance between the house and one point on the road was 1 mile so I made some adjustments to my course.  The interval plan became 'stop and walk a few seconds when you're half way'.  Then I had to stop and go to the bathroom.  Also thankful for construction port-o-pots. It was a nice run, a bit of wind when running south but otherwise I was almost completely by myself.  Good practice for running the Minnesota cold all winter.

After the run, I came back and napped.  Hard.  This has also been a tradition from years past.  I'd only had a bowl of cereal yes, after a 10-mile run so I was pretty happy when the snacks came out in the middle of the afternoon.  We were scheduled to eat around 3pm but it wound up being closer to 4pm.  I'm told 26 people were in the house at one point, but I didn't count.  After dinner, I was told go play card games with the kids and the trade off being I didn't have to do dishes.  For 26 people.  I accepted immediately.  I'm glad "selfie" is a word now, because 'selfies with the aunties' was a great part of this afternoon.

I think I headed to bed around 9:30pm.  I have no idea what time the wrecking crew is coming in my bedroom in the morning to roust me for Black Friday shopping.  I told them to surprise me.  I'm imagining I won't actually fall asleep for a bit because I can hear my dad snoring through the walls.  Like a buzz saw. Wow.

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