Six Miles - My Stomach is On Fire!

I had a weird day that was going to allow for a trip to the gym around 4:30pm after working part of the day.  And then saving about 3 hours of work for after the run.  Excellent.  I'd meant to get up early and go before work but I should just know better than to try and wake up early on Mondays.  I never work out early on Mondays.  Ever.  I had delusions of grandeur last night when I set my alarm clock but when 6am rolled around, I just re-set the thing for 8am and even then I didn't want to get up.   Sigh.

This track workout was one that was almost not meant to be, but sort of good too.  I packed one of my favorite pairs of workout shorts. Which apparently 2XU is no longer selling?!?  I had a decent shirt, and even made a new playlist.  And I forgot my socks.  F*ck!  In a random win for the day, I'd worn a pair of ProCompression socks to work.  They are warm and I live in Minnesota.  Go away.  I was all "well, these really are running socks" so I looked like a mismatched bad ass on the track with grey shorts, a dark blue shirt, purple socks and black shoes.  More like a hot mess. But I digress.  

Since I was in my good running gear and I had a good playlist, I was all "this can be a longer workout".  That's how I rationalize.  The plan was to do a straight forward workout of running 7 laps, 6 laps, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 with a walking lap in between each.  Instead, my stomach caught fire.  Thank god I was at the gym.  Three trips to the bathroom later...

What actually happened was 5 laps, pit stop, 7 laps, walk 1, run 1, pit stop 2, run 6, pit stop 3, I am so over this, walk 1, run 4, walk, run 3, walk, run 2, walk, run 1, walk 2 laps for a total of 6 miles.  I cracked up when Nike told me how many calories it thinks I burned.  666.  Yeah, this workout sort of felt like that. Now I'll go home and work 3 more hours.

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