November Slump - Ongonig

Slump may not be the fairest word for what's happening. I'm just not running very much is all.  Keep telling yourself that.  I knew I really needed a break when someone asked if I wanted to run a half marathon in January and I was all "meh, I don't really want to train for that".  Whoa! I guess I will take a break then. The plan for now is to 'train' for the Dreidel Dash, and then keep running through Christmas.  Usually I get my true spark back in January and then I'll start thinking about spring races including the 3-way Challenge and a new-to-me race called Trail Mix.  For now, I'm just hanging on, trying to keep the miles per week over 10.

I did manage to hit the bricks for a short workout today.  A whopping 2.3 miles.  This week all the leaves are down and winter is here.  What is the deal with people raking the leaves off their yard onto the sidewalk?  Do you imagine no one else will be using the sidewalk all day while you're working?  Once I got done with my run, I managed to find an amazing amount of scrap metal in the road out front of my house.  Come back!  Your car fell apart! 

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