Apples 2013

Today was this year's Girls Only Apple Trip.  For the history see 2012 trip, and 2011 with links to previous years2007 has great pictures.   This trip started out with the crappiest weather ever.  It has been colder in past years, but probably not more precipitation.

My Pooky Bear was absolutely determined to pick apples today.  Good thing because her determination is the only thing that got me moving.  I got in some old pants, some very warm shirts, hat and gloves, and an old coat.  We headed to Carribou to pick up caffeine for ourselves and the Qat Lady.  When we got to the Orchard we discovered that harvest season for pick your own was already over.

We went to Plan B: Wine Tasting.  Because this orchard also has grapes.  And why not?  Pooky Bear really liked the sweet wines and dessert wines.  The kinds of wines I like the most are usually Sauvignon Blancs or in that family, so I liked the least sweet wines there were.

For the next part of our day we headed in to downtown Stillwater.  We had lunch at a restaurant that overlooked the river, and then walked around.  We noticed lots of antique shops.  My Mom would love it.  We also noticed lots and lots of vacancies in the buildings.  Not sure what that's about.

We all got different things.  I am not big on apple turnovers or apple flavored donuts.  I got two bottles of wine.  In downtown Stillwater I learned that truffle oil infused salt is a thing.  I also learned 'a little goes a long way' and it's great on eggs, potatoes and popcorn.  I haven't tried it yet.  Not sure if we'll try for apples again next year or just switch the tradition to wine tasting.  It's good to have options.

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