Long Run - 18 Miles of Lakes

I had an 18-miler on my calendar this week.  The 18-miler week is an interesting one, because next week is a step back week with no long runs and a chance for my body to recover.  Sounds great.  Right?  After that step back week comes a build up including three 20-mile runs.  It's sort of like "you're done with the easy stuff; after this you're in it for real".  Nonetheless; I was looking forward to the run and a route I hadn't done in a while.

Shoes: I had a bit of a wild hair about my shoes.  I pulled out the old Green Silence pair and took them for another spin.  I wore these last year a lot, including during the marathon.  I like my current shoes just fine, but the old shoes have a much wider toe box.  For some reason, that's just what my brain wanted me feet to have today so I obliged.

Fuel: I'm realizing I need to actually eat breakfast before any of the 20-mile runs.  Fueling was the only major fail for the day.  I ran five miles, then took two gels, one gel at miles 9 and 13 and one more around 15 because I was so hungry and miserable.  That seems like a lot of gels for the run.  I'm thinking the fueling during the run was fine and the pre-run fueling (a banana and chocolate chips) was the fail.  It's probably time to head to the store and get yogurt.

Pacing: I tried a different pacing goal today, instead of trying for sub-marathon pace, I tried for 'in the neighborhood' of the marathon pace.  My splits were all about 10 seconds/mile slower than goal pace, but I was right on track through mile 13.  Then the wheels sort of came off the wagon.  Mile 14 involved a potty stop and a 'calm down stomach' walk; Mile 15 involved stop lights and Gu; Mile 16 involved that hill; Mile 17 involved a stop light, construction zone, and trying to take a picture and failing; then by Mile 18 I just let myself run intervals. What I learned from this pacing adventure and fiasco is that when I was moving I was fine.  Once I started throwing in walks, it all just sort of blew up and I didn't have the mental strength to find that original pace again.

Pictures: I did finally get a couple of good ones, about a mile from home.

Post run stretch: I did that 'collapse on the ground after the run' thing and did some stretches while laying down.  It actually felt about 10 times better than I'd expected. I did the back twist and IT band stretch, stretched my quads, and then the laying ham string stretch while catching my breath.  I should do that more because I didn't really have spasms.  After  stretching I took an ice bath, screaming the whole way in.  I have 10 miles left to run this week, and then I claim a step back week where my goal mileage is 20 miles and the longest run is 6 miles.  I cannot wait.

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