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To the person who searched "Imodium or Pepto before a marathon": I feel your pain.  The answer to your question is Imodium.   As a clarification Imodium relieves the "I have to go NOW" feeling.  Depending on the intensity of your symptoms, Imodium can turn down the level to an "I'll have to go soon" feeling, or it can make it disappear completely.

You may notice changes in the way your body hydrates on your run after you take Imodium or Pepto.  Side effects include dry mouth and increased sweating.  Awesome.  If you're planning on this intervention on Marathon Sunday, consider testing it out on your long runs as well.  That will give you time to play with questions like "one pill or two?" "how long before the run starts should I take this?" and "how thirsty will I be?". 

You can find additional information here on the blog,  or you can ask some other bloggers, or get some information from an actual adult over here.  Whatever you do, don't read the story from Steve in a Speedo.  You don't want to know.  (That's the link everyone will click isn't it?)

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