Weekend Workouts - It's Too Freaking Cold

I'm slowly coming back into workout out.  Or I was.  Before we had record cold temperatures blow in.  Boo. 
Monday Quick 1 mile run.
Tuesday Expected 4*, got 14*; 4 mile run with Beth.
Wednesday Quick 1 mile run.
Thursday - 1 mile on the track (swear I ran a 9:00 mile), Circuit with a jacked up shoulder, 1 more mile on the track, Zumba.
Friday - Too freaking cold.  1 mile and then a "finisher" of knee repeaters and supermans.
Saturday - Still too cold.  1 mile and then a "finisher" of bicycle crunches and squats.
Sunday - Waaaay too cold.  5 mile descending workout on the track.  (Run 6 laps, walk 1, run 5, etc.)  30 mins on the bike.

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