Weekend - in pictures from my new iPhone!

Friday is the first day of my weekend.  Since everyone else is working that day, I typically use it for boring things like going to the grocery store and running errands.  Friday night I got to talk with the birthday boys on Skype. 

Saturday I headed over to the gym in the morning for a run and then Zumba.  I spent a fair amount of the afternoon napping (win for me!) and then headed out for the evening.  We hit Solera for dinner.  It was really good food, but our group was way too big to handle the whole tappas experience.  My advice is go there with a small group, like four people.  Twelve is too many.  Then we headed over to The Cowles Center to hear the 25th Anniversary Concert of One Voice Mixed Chorus.  I'd never heard them before and I really enjoyed it.

Sunday is forecasted to be ice-pocalypse or something.  I went to Hot Plate Diner with Sue, whom I hadn't seen since October.  We had a good talk about the drama, or repairing of drama going on in my life, and I found her input quite helpful.  After breakfast we took a short stroll around Lake Nokomis.  Both of us would've been happier wearing hats but at least the storm hadn't started yet.
As soon as I got home I headed out for a quick run, also before the storm started.  I tested the Nike+ running system.  My initial reaction is Endomondo is better, but I'm going to give it a little while before I totally decide. 
I took opportunities at Lake Nokomis and on my run to also test out the 8MP camera rocking inside my iPhone.  (How excited am I?)


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