Vacation Friday - Day 1

Jazzercise - Mom always get's me some pass that's more than a guest pass and only on sale at Christmas, so we went and exercised.  Mom is apparently ignoring the fact that she's at great risk for diabetes, so I try to encourage good habits every way I can.  It was windy and cold as hell.

Shopping and breakfast - After class we had breakfast at a restaurant and did all kinds of shopping.  Oy.  There was Target for something (and we found the only Target that still doesn't have a Starbucks), Whole Foods, TJ Maxx and Steinmart.  I almost wound up with a new coat at TJ Maxx. Then we left that shopping center and went to Playhouse in the Park for a present for my uncle, then The Cincinnati Museum Center for presents for some kids I know, and to watch the trains.  After that it was over to the UC Bookstore to get some gear for another cousin.  It was cold and and windy and miserable walking around.

Dinner and a movie: I had a quick run, just to keep the streak alive.  We headed over to Bangkok Bistro, one of my other favorite Cincinnati restaurants. Yum!  Mom wanted very much to see Lincoln.  I thought it was going to be long and miserable and was pleasantly surprised.  I really enjoyed the movie.  By the end I could hear My Luckey (my 11th grade history teacher) in my head telling me all kinds of stories about the civil war.  Also, it was still cold and windy.
Meet up with an old friend: After I put my parents back at home, an old friend gave me a call and then came by to pick me up for a beer.  He got major points for knowing where my parents lived without my having to give him directions.  We went to a bar and had some really good beers.  We also had a nice conversation. It was good for me, because I'd been feeling low lately, to have a positive interaction with someone and feel like a good person.

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