What's in my blog roll - end of the alphabet

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VeloTraffic is so much more relevant since I started riding a bike for transportation and fun.  It's also relevant as a person who drives around bikes all the time.  This story was really interesting in learning how cities determine how many people are riding bikes.  This story about when cars have to cross bike lanes is so much more relevant given the new buffered bike lanes we're figuring out here.

Wonderment if the first blog I ever read, and the one that inspired me to start my own.  Thank you Pooky Bear!  On that blog I am the "L with the runner girl" icon.  It's also the blog that taught me not to use real names.  Although it took all the way until this post for her to give herself an appropriate blogging nickname.

Workout Music - Inthegym.net is not updated nearly often enough. It has great playlists and great recommendations for new music is multiple genres for all kinds of workouts.  It has running and biking but also weightlifting and the elliptical.  The music may or may not have bad words.  Fair warning.

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