Weekend Workouts

Runners World as a holiday running streak challenge.  I thought about signing up, since I've been doing my own streak challenge over here, but one more registration and message board just wasn't worth it.  I am still keeping my running streak alive.

Monday - 1 mile run in the neighborhood before work.
Tuesday - 1.5 mile run at Aunt Joan's after the 11 hour trip that took 10 hours.
Wednesday - 4 mile run outside.  Nicest weather ever.
Thanksgiving - 10 miles, or just over.  I did my annual Turkey Trot and kept a 12:00/mile pace, even using the interval of run 5:00, walk 2:00.
Friday - 1 mile on the treadmill; I had an iPod fail and a shoelace fail while on the treadmill.
Saturday - 1 mile, early morning "the fog has changed to snow flakes"
Sunday - 1 mile around my neighborhood after the 11 hour car trip that his time only took 9.5hrs.  Google maps is wrong because I definitely wasn't going that fast.

Some of my favorite running and non-running songs at the moment:

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