Liz Trains for a Marathon: Ice Baths

How many people here played sports in high school or college? If you raised your hand, you probably had a trainer dunk you in an ice bath at least once, as I have. I'd pretty much forgotten the experience (blocked it out is more like) until recently I heard someone talking about ice baths. Last weeks run wore me out in more ways than one and I started thinking "oh, an ice bath would be nice" but I just couldn't get it together after that run.

So last night, I made sure my tub was clean. As I was cleaning it I realized I don't actually own a drain stopper. (Is it odd I've lived here four years and that hasn't come up yet?) Also, I have no ice. I'd done some research and while three bags of ice seems a little excessive, I knew a wimpy little tray of ice wasn't going to do it either. So I ran up to Walgreen's and stocked myself up.

This morning I ran with Beth and some other runners I didn't know very well. We took this route basically, except we started a block north of the starting point on that map. They all swore it was over 13 miles. I tried to draw the actual route with all the little walking trails on Gmaps but I couldn't see the trails well. It must have been summer when they took the satellite pictures because the trees are in full bloom.

When I got back, I stretched out, came in, and poured the ice in the tub. And then, in I went. I did not use any words I can't write here. I'd kind of been looking forward to it because I knew it would help. It's the only thing that compelled me to get in the tub at all really. I sat there with my little iPod and listened to a book on tape, drank some juice and ate sour patch kids. Yum. Fifteen minutes went by relatively quickly with a book on tape. Now it feels like my legs are fine and the top half of me still has the post-run-I'm-so-stiff-I-can't-move feeling.

The instructions say to take a shower a while after the ice-bath, which I'm looking forward to. After that, I'm looking forward to a heaping plate of eggs, bacon, and bagles and the Tour De France on television. I actually missed the live action today on Mont Vontux (is that how it's spelled?), so I'm watching the re-broadcast at 11am. For now I'm trying to stay away from parts of the internet that would tell me the results, including googling the correct spelling of the mountain they're racing UP today. And I mean UP. Go Lance Armstrong.

I want sweat pants. Brrr.


Linkfest: A Beautiful Sunday

First off, I'm planning a party. Most of it is only planned in my mind right now, but if you're around the afternoon of August 9th, I'd love to have you.

Second, Alberto Contador is Superman. Who saw him climb right up that mountain this morning? Just, wow. (For those of you who don't know, he's a cyclist, and a teammate of Lance Armstrong.) After watching that amazing leg of the race this morning, I went to the Y and worked out. Between the mountain climbers today and watching Beth run up that big hill yesterday like it was nothing, I decided I needed to work on the hills and climbing of it all. So I got on the stair master. The stair master is still pretty hard. But a good workout. Then I did the elliptical. Then I walked a mile. Altogether, I went 8 miles today. Nice.

I went shopping and talked to my parents. For dinner I went to Chipotle with a neighbor and then we hung out in the courtyard talking for a while. Now, I'm surfing the wilds of the internet.

  • For some reason, my current shoes really hurt my calves. I think it could be the way their tied. They have a weird ankle-lock lace that could be too low. But it got me thinking about running mechanics and how we're really meant to run barefoot. I looked at the shoes, and I think I would really like this style. I might give it a try.

  • I'm always interested in education, poverty and equality in different places, mostly because I've traveled so much. Here's a great graphic about how education, especially for women, is the gateway into the rest of society. Equal education is actually a human right recognized by the UN, as it should be. In the US though, poverty seems to be the bigger barrier. Now they're talking about giving underachieving schools longer school years. 'Bout time. 'Bout time for all the schools really but I'll take what I can get.

  • In lighter news, they're getting The Shire ready for habitation. Did you know there's going to be a second movie after The Hobbit. Me neither. I think it could be really good or completely ill-advised. Not sure yet.

  • And finally, this would be my worst nightmare


Time warp?

It is 66*. Are we in a time warp? It cannot possibly be July.

LIz Trains for a Marathon: Liz falls down, literally

Beth (and Janine for a while) took me on a beautiful run this morning. We started down the St Paul side of the river. It was on the River Parkway that I totally bit it. I scraped my hand and banged my knee. I was scared for my knee but my hand is actually in a lot of pain and my knee almost none. My knee's not swollen either (yet). I was thinking the last time I fell which was a really long time ago. That time I knew I was hurt pretty much immediately. Although I continued to run that day and for another few weeks before I completely had to stop.

Today after Beth and Janine helped me up and dusted me off, we went over the Ford Bridge by Minnehaha park and down this freaking awesome path that goes... well I'll have to look at a map but more or less towards Fort Snelling. Because it was there that we crossed back over the 5-55-62-whatever-that-road-is bridge into St Paul and back up the river parkway.

I told Beth that street is where I do all my home shopping. She likes the porches. I like the windows. We both had fun pretend house shopping. And pretending to have a domestic staff to clean those really big homes. Although the best part of the run was when I was needing to *ahem* make a personal stop. There must be some event going on because there was a well stocked personal stopping point in a parking lot that normally does not have such accommodations. (Nice!)

Beth was really patient with me the last few miles of the run. My mind sort of got done running about the time it was that huge hill leading up to the bridge back into St Paul. So I was really dragging. Plus my hand hurt from falling. You wouldn't think that would slow me down. It just made my mind more tired thinking about it.

I was told to ice my knee when I got home, which I thought was excellent advice. Guess who doesn't have ice. Yup. So I put my suit on and went and sat in the pool. In the record cold temperatures. (Global warming my foot.) I had an iced mocha, a book on tape (book on iPod but whatever), and a fleece and sat there for a while. If you can't have an ice bath, it's the next best thing. Luckily the pool is heated too, so it wasn't as painful as it could have been.

Now I'm doing laundry (which was only a week late) and I changed my fishes water, (also a week late because I was out of town and I didn't want to make Steve do it). My fish looks very happy. And, while playing on the computer, I found the most awesome Dilbert ever, and I thought I'd leave you with it:



Blogging while... whoa, it's a good thing I was able to get home

I went to happy hour tonight with some of the Amsterdam runners whom Amanda refers to as my "running mates". It was fun and even nicer that someone else bought the food. I just had to buy my own..

Alcohol, which is the subject of tonight's post.

It's a good thing I can't remember how many people I don't want to see this are friends with me on Facebook. It should be more embarassing that three drinks (ok, I had an extra beer at home I needed to kill) does this to me.

I actually new ahead of time that this place has good happy hour specials so I took the bus to the bar instead of driving. (Good for me and good for you.) Apparently I totally missed the boat on this whole website for giving thing. (Woops.) I have to go back and read the material. Not tonight. And then create my own website. So you can all donate to Bolder Options for the Marathon trip.

I was thinking about marathon training today. I tend to ponder when I'm worried I'll slur my speech if I open my mouth. It's really given me a much grander idea of what is possible. And of what I can do. There was a time, not so long ago, that I thought 15 mile training runs would kill me. Turns out they just wear me out for several days and then I'm fine. I was even thinking back to the first time I ran around Lake Nokomis and Lake Hiawatha. I was so impressed with myself when I got done, and proud. I'd never run that far. Now I think, "that's all I have to do?"

Also, while I was waiting for the bus to take me to Uptown, I kept smelling Pot. I suspect the little grocery store on 38th and Bloomington also sells weed. (I can't believe I'm writing this. I must be more intoxicated than I think.)

Ok, seriously, stop now.


Liz Trains for a Marathon: Fifteen miles is LOOONG

I ran 15 miles today. I actually legitimately ran 14 of it. The last mile I threw in a couple short walks with the runs. Surprisingly, I am still able to move.

I ran three laps on the Lunken Airport running path which is 5 miles long. The first lap was interesting because I got to watch a beautiful sunrise and saw about one person. The second lap was interesting because I was still feeling strong despite having run what for me is a long way. The third lap was pretty painful, but ultimately quite rewarding.

I'd like to thank my running companions, iPod, Nike+, Fuel Belt, and the Sour Patch Kids, especially Red.

My parents eat even less meat than I do so I knew we were going to have to go elsewhere for lunch. (Thanks to Robbin, Jenna, and Beth for teaching me to eat meat after long runs to restore my protein, thanks to Amanda for teaching me to eat Red Meat for iron.) We went to a place that would satisfy their vegetarian tendencies and my need for protein and iron: Skyline Chili. YUM.

For dinner, almost all of my aunties and uncles came. Two aunties were missing in action. Thanks to Jody and David for the Green Beans and Cucumbers. There were freaking awesome. (Did you know green beans are one of my favorite vegetables?)

It was really nice to see family, most of whom I only see at Christmas. We had all healthy food which was really nice for my uncle whose diet is pretty restricted. I think he was surprised when I saw, "we have all food that you can eat!" and was correct. It was equally hilarious to watch another uncle look at all of our Tofuit Cutie Ice Cream Sandwiches because he looked like he wanted the ice cream sandwich but was repelled by the thought of tofu. Hee hee.

In Minnesota right now, I believe several friends of mine should be at Lake Harriet, one of my favorite lakes (or was it Lake Calhoun, my least favorite lake) celebrating an exciting birthday. I'm sorry to miss it but I hope Gooster the Rooster fills in adequately in my absence.

Tomorrow, besides church, I think there will be sitting at the pool. Mom also wants to go to some health food store down town. She is excited about it.


Watch now as I avoid what I'm supposed to be doing

I think the elliptical is doing a body good, or my running companions are just really nice, because I wasn't sucking wind nearly as much as I normally do when I run with them, and we ran 5 miles today instead of four. (Maybe it's a little of both.)

It was also my opportunity to celebrate Beth's birthday, since I'll be out of town for the real thing. I have no idea where the whole goose theme started with this group. Although the obvious jokes about goose bumps have been hilarious at times. So I tried to find something with a goose on it. Geese are not popular animals apparently. Because there was nothing in the whole store. Not even in the section where they had farm animal toys. Popular animals right now appear to be monkeys, frogs, and octopi. (Is that the plural of octopus?)

Through an astonishing bit of math in my head, I figured out that Beth is a Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac. Since the Rooster is a winged farm animal and I could find one of those, that's what I chose. I was also going to get a princess hat for her to run in this morning. I was stopped by the thought that the hat would be saved for my use at a future date and running in a princess hat is not something I would enjoy. Although Beth said she'd be willing to run in a beak which is something I will not forget.

At work we took a boat ride for our team meeting. No, seriously. It was really relaxing and put me in vacation mode kind of early. After work I went to Chipotle with Amanda and then back to her house where she kept me 'till all hours of the night. Hence I am now behind on packing and trying hard to avoid it. My brain wants to stop working, but I'm to the point in the evening where I need it to do things like make good playlists for the iPod and pick good movies for the trip.


Liz Trains for a Marathon: Still Going

I'm still up here training. I know it's been silent for a week. Every so often there's a lull in my training that is, shall we say, forced. And quite frustrating to me.

But this week, I'm back in action. I tried to run yesterday and made it 3 miles. I walked the other e for a total of 6. It was much hotter than I anticipated. This morning I did six miles, over 5.5 of which was on an elliptical. Every time I step off the elliptical, my legs feel like jell-o. (No, seriously, I'm like Gumbi.) But no joint pain.

The training schedule I found has me running five days a week most weeks. Most people I've talked to say that for me knees to last so I can enjoy running for a long time, I should only run three or four days a week. So, I use the elliptical and count it as running. It's an excellent workout if you've never tried it before. When I run 5 miles, I usually go at about an 11:30 or 11:00 pace. When I'm on the elliptical, I go at a 10:00 pace.

I'm also getting to the point where 10 mile runs aren't scaring the crap out of me. Like, I want to do one tomorrow. Just because I can. When I started training, I never thought I'd actually want to run from my house around Lake Harriet and back. Wow.


How'd the editor miss this one?

It just begs the question: Do you really want to have this picture with that headline?