My day of no productivity

I was going to take a walk today. I came back after a block. I guess there's still time later.

In the meantime, some cool things for you to know:
Even Time thinks I shouldn't go see a doctor every year. Nice article about preventive tests (and who actually does them, it's not always your doctor).

A really cool flash animation showing the breakdown of votes for Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton in certain states. Minnesota isn't on there (I'm assuming because we caucus instead of a primary) but it's really fascinating to see what demographic groups were supporting Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama. (Ha, Firefox 3 thinks "Obama" isn't a word.)

Logo Fail. ::No words::

I don't have too many friends near retirement but I do know some people who would be really interested in this as an option. As my parents age I seem to know people who are approaching the age where they have to take social security and they describe themselves as "failing out of retirement".

I keep talking to friends of mine who still don't know why crocs are really dangerous for kids. I'm disappointed the consumer product safety commission isn't stepping in at this point. 77 incidents as 75 of them were crocs? Seriously?

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  1. Excellent reason to go see your doctor once a year - even your health plan things it's a good enough thing that they'll pay for it. (OK, maybe not your health plan, but my plan does. Yours does, doesn't it? If not, you're getting screwed.)

    I mean really, do you need more reasons? If my health plan is willing to pony up the money so I can spend 20 minutes with a doctor, then I'm going. (This also applies to twice-yearly dentist visits and annual eye exams. And prenatal and postnatal care. Not much else.)