Days 28 and 29

Day 28: I worked at the aquarium. As I went in to work, I was pretty much ready to quit. That was until I met a person I hadn't worked with before, but who will presumably be working many more overnights. We'll call him Hot Guy. I actually barely got to work with him, I did team lead duties for non-team lead pay, which we'll call gift number one. Gift number two was when I took out a whole bunch of trash bags. The pay off was when Hot Guy walked me out at the end of the night.

Day 29: I woke up with a migraine but decided it was too early to take Nyquil and go back to sleep so I took some other drugs and laid around for a while. Then I got up, found the ugly mirror which had been hiding in my hall closet and the good will bag and took them over to drop them off.

I got to witness a great senior moment too. (Really, there's a reason some people say you shouldn't be allowed to drive past a certain age.) Good Will was quite busy when we got there. I had to wait to get to the drop off area. The lady in front of me must have been quite frazzled by the line that was forming because after she took her donations out of her trunk, she just got back in it and drove off. With the trunk open.

I tried to do the right thing and honk at her but she didn't hear me. It was too far away to do much else. I could've flashed my lights but she wouldn't have seen that because her trunk was blocking her back window. Luckily, there was a dude getting out of his car at the corner by the stop sign and he was able to shut her trunk for her.

What was the 29 days of giving like? I actually started keeping track around day 11 or 12. I thought it was cool that I could find something nice I did for 10 days back to get the thing started. Some of the nice things I looked back and saw seemed pretty big, my original donation to good will, having my parents up for a visit.

In the middle of the whole experiment, I felt like the stuff I did was a lot smaller in comparison, like playing Free Rice or sending Amanda recipes or giving my mom IT support. For some reason, it felt like those things were less valuable some how. Not sure why. There were some days where I did something that was part of my day. There were actually quite a few of those days.

The good will bag is probably my favorite thing that happened. It taught me to always have a good will bag, it actually gets full pretty fast. That'll probably be the thing that I keep from the whole experience. I used to have a good will bag tucked away or on a high shelf so I never really put too much in it. When I pulled it down to take to good will, I'd try to load it up but I always forgot stuff.

Free Rice is another one I'm glad I remembered. I hadn't played it in a while. They have some new words so it's even more fun.

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