A nice start to the long weekend

Amanda took me "camping" with her family today. I use that word loosely because anytime I don't have to go outside to pee, I don't think of it as camping. Once refrigeration and television are added, it might as well be a hotel.

This morning I woke up and got ready for the day. I was advised there would be a pool so I dusted off the swim suit for the inaugural swim of the year. While I was pulling the suit out I found some clothes that I added to the Good Will bag. (Also taking care of my good deed for the day.) My good deed for yesterday? Mom called and needed help with the computer, which I gave graciously and with good cheer. (It's the gracious and good cheer part that really qualifies it for the 29 days thing.)

Once Amanda and I were at the KOA, running seemed like a good idea. I got the feeling if we hung around we'd do nothing but eat anyways. So Amanda and I started off. I learned that Amanda runs fast. No, seriously. Fast. We ran intervals (which you may be able to tell by looking at the link in the previous post) and I love how fast Amanda goes. For some reason, I slowed way down at the end. Maybe it was my regular pace and it just seemed slow because of how fast we were running before.

After the run it seemed necessary to jump in the pool. (Read: I was stinky and didn't bring soap or shampoo.) Someone told us it was warm once you got used ot it. Lies. It was freezing. But refreshing after the running.

Most of the afternoon was spent in various horizontal positions, although I didn't actually fall asleep. And I read a bunch of the book I'm currently reading, The Amber Spyglass. I may have to read the series again. It moves so fast I feel like there's stuff I missed.

I was well fed for dinner, hamburger and ice cream. What else could I want? Then Amanda and I colored with her neice. After that I was about to fall asleep so it seemed like a good idea to come home.

I finally hung up some pictures in my bedroom. Three of the four walls are done. Wall number four involves the dresser and some other decisions so that might have to wait, at least until tomorrow.

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