I am strong

I was feeling pretty bad because I hadn't run in a while. I did that workout on the elliptical on Sunday that nearly killed me. Then Monday and Tuesday I walked and Wednesday I did nothing.

This morning was the first morning all week I was able to get up early enough to exercise before work. And I ran. And ran. And ran. It felt great. I ran a little over 4 miles, then did a mix of walking and running 'till I got home. I was surprised at how fast it felt like I was running. (I might not have really been moving that fast, but it felt like I was.) It seems like I shouldn't be that much stronger but maybe I am.

On that same note, I've also realized that what was hard for me tody was not my endurance but the physical strength of my legs. So I'll spend some time working on that at the Y. At least now I have a goal. Like the second I started running my knees and ankles yelped in protest. They settled down after a while. They just want to be stronger.

After work I went with my friend Liz to the Highland Grill, which still has Jack Cakes something neither Longfellow nor Edina has on their menu any more. I didn't have them though. It didn't seem like they'd go well with the beer battered green beans we had as an appetizer.

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