A weekend of sloth

What have I done recently?
Friday: I woke up and Ed came by to do one last thing to the kitchen. There had been an imperfection in one of the cabinet doors and he replaced it. Then I went to an all day training at the Minnesota Department of Health and my main thought was "I can't believe I'm driving in this crap". It was a moderately helpful training.
After that I worked an overnight full of girl scouts. It was my first time meeting anyone who earned the Gold Award from Girl Scouts. Congratulations! I think that's really cool. I have a really good friend who is an Eagle Scout. I remember going to the ceremony where he was formally given the award. You know the party your parents threw when you graduated high school? That was about what this was like. The overnight was moderately fun. The thing about working those is I come home and I'm wide awake and I stay up all night. Then I sleep half of Saturday.

Saturday: True to my prediction, I woke up late. I watched television in the morning, napped in the afternoon and did grocery shopping in the evening. Target now has some of my money and the co-op has an even more ridiculous amount of my money. The thing is, frozen fruit was on sale, and I always buy way more than I need when it's on sale. I do eat a lot of that fruit though. Yum.

Sunday: At least today I got some exercise. I had planned to see Amanda (who sadly realized she had an assignment due tomorrow and not the monday after this) and make breakfast. Instead, I walked around Lake Nokomis. I love how walking like that burns 800 calories. Wow. Also, thank you to everyone who supported the purchase of my Nike+ system, I love it. I know I need to start running again, especially if I'm going to run a race in May. Amanda runs fast as hell and I don't want to embarass myself.
After the walk, I made my lunch for the week (Tofu Scramble and Rosemary Roasted Potatoes). I haven't tried the tofu yet, but I know the potatoes are awesome. The nice thing about the whole "no eating out" deal is that I plan my meals out much better than I ever have before.
Then I talked with my family and cleaned my kitchen. Now I'm sitting here thinking about either playing bridge online or reading a book in bed. Not sure which I'm going to do yet.

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  1. He he he! I do run fast! Getting faster too.

    Today I only measured my run (not the warm-up and cool-down walks), and I was at 10:45 pace. That's with walking intervals (run 3 min, walk 90 sec, run 5 min, walk 2.5 min, repeat).

    I'm thinking I will be at 10:00 miles once I get done with the walking intervals. I think my long range goal will be 8:00 pace for a 5K. Fun, right?