Still exercsising and eating like crap

I had a wired day at work today, scheduling wise. I was not really in the office, at all. But I was done with work after a training that ended at 3:30. Nice. Which allowed me to go to the YWCA and get an elliptical (I know, that is special) and wear myself out on that completely. I did a rowing machine for 15 minutes. I was going to do it longer but then a guy came and got on the bike right next to the rowing machine. I had a space issue. Those machines are not far enough apart. And the person on the rowing machine always gets the short end of that stick.

I also cooked myself dinner (which was not super healthy) and I haven't had a shake. It seems like that should be a good thing (that I'm eating less) although it ultimately means I didn't get any fruit today other than the salsa on my lunch. I guess I had a sweet potato. Those are the same vitamins. Mmmm. Sweet potato.

I gave up my shift for this Friday night which means when I walk out the door tomorrow (which I will do early) I have a three-day weekend, completely work free. My agency is closed Monday to honor Passover. Just wait until October this year. I have more days off than working. I'm planning on going to Hennepin County to get my condo homesteaded for the year. Hopefully I haven't left it too long. I don't know when else I would have done it.

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