I hope you feel better and other small succsses in my life

Yesterday, I went to the gym after work. Very late after work, like 8:30pm. And did a few machines. The elliptical seemed much harder than usual for some reason. I honestly think something was wrong with it (and not that I'm out of shape).

Then this morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn (to two different alarm clocks) and went back to the Y for more exercise. Why did I pull myself out of bed so early? Because I thought I wouldn't be able to get to the gym tonight. I was almost right. But then I got this call from Amanda who is apparently sicker than a dog. Amanda requested broth, jello and 7up. I requested to not get infected with whatever crap she got from the nursing home so I dropped off the food and left quite quickly. I hope you're feeling better! It's no fun to be sick.

With my newly free evening (Kelly, I hope the taco salad was good, I'm sorry I missed it) I was able to cook some food that I badly needed to get eaten. And keep my apartment mildly clean. I know, that is exciting.

For tomorrow, I know I have three appointments and after work there's the restorative justice council and the all-staff overnight at the aquarium which is catered this year by Bucca di Beppo (how can I say no to that?) I'm feeling like the wise thing to do would be to run in the morning. But every time I say I'm going to run, I don't. So I'm keeping quiet and we'll see.

In the mean time, I've found a boatload of good reading for you:
Time lists their top 100 design accomplishments for the year. I thought the websites would be cooler than they are. One has sound too but I forget which one.

Did they really think about it before they wrote this headline? I'm really offended but it's also very safe for work.

Since my apartment will need a coat of paint, I've resigned myself to thinking I won't get to keep the red curtains. I've found some possible replacements. The magnets look really cool to me although that's something that has the potential to drive me up a wall after about five minutes. Is there a way to test those before buying them?

Alcohol+duh= oh dear. Safe for work.

I'm linking to the digg page on this story. I haven't read the whole thing but the blurb on digg sounds like it was taken off the Weekend News from Saturday Night Live. Pure art.

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