How Sad Am I?

Apparently my great fix for my audio driver didn't last. Oh well. It was nice when three times in a row I turned on my computer and it had sound.



I was trying to take a picture of how a CD burns. (You know, where you can look at the back of a burned CD and see how far out the data is burned.) That didn't happen, but this is a cool picture.

PF Chengs

We went out to dinner on Sunday to P.F. Cheng's. It's one of my favorite places. Kelly had the "wine flight" or something. It looks like a lot of wine. It's not quite as much as it seems. Kelly didn't drink it all because the wine made from guava was not pleasing to her.

Now I'm just wet

Here's my morning:
Wake up, O-dark thirty. I think to myself, "oh I can hear water dripping down the gutters. I bet it just rained. It'll be cool when I run"
Get up, prepare to run, stretch leave house, still O-dark thirty, or O-dark thirty five
Warm up walk
Run two blocks
Let the heavens open up and rain down on me.

And it rained. And rained. And rained. I was so wet by the time I got back (see photo). I sprinted a lot on this run though. I ran 3.7 miles at 11:04 miles which is fast for me. I sprinted and then rested in periods of less intense rain. It rained all day. It will continue to rain for like a week. I wonder if I'll have a big leak under my sink like I did the last time it rained this long.

At one of my jobs I got to play with a white fluffy dog. How cute are we?


Exciting news

I have exciting news. I have in the past mentioned how the sound works about half the time on my computer. I was having a bit of a meltdown last night (after I ran five miles) because the sound wasn't working and the way I normally make the sound work also wasn't working.

Once again I went back to Google and the message boards in search of an answer. This time I found a totally obscure post about the driver (not the Toshiba brand). So, for anyone who has a Realtek AC 97 Audio Driver, first of all, I'm sorry and I feel your pain. To fix your problems, download and unzip (don't get the .exe) the file for the driver. Run the install program but do not restart the computer. Go into the extracted file and delete the one called alcupd.exe. Then restart the computer.

I don't know if it's totally solved the problem my little computer is having. But I've gotten the sound to come on twice in a row which gives me some amount of hope.

Also, I'm having the best salmon ever in life right now.

Monday Music Mambo

Even though it's Tuesday...

1. Name some of your favorite drummers. Or name A drummer if you don't have any favorites.
Buddy Miles who used to play with Jimi Hendrix, Alex Van Halen (of Van Halen) and the drummer is Dave Matthews Band whose name I don't know.

2. What song contains your favorite drum performance?
Baluchitherium is a song from Van Halen's "Balance" cd. I love the drums on all of "Under the Table and Dreaming". Also, "Iko Iko" has a great drum beat.

3. Do you prefer the drummer to simply keep a beat, or do you like him or her to show off a bit?
Both if he does it right. If he can't show off while keeping a beat what's the point really?

4. If you were a drummer, how would you personalize your drum kit?
Lots of stuff to beat on. As much stuff as possible. Mostly fancy drums and a wood block. I've never been too much on fancy odd cymbals.

I'm adding my own bonus question: Who of your friends would play the drums if they were a musician?

Answer: Amanda. She'd be great. Who can say "tap happy"?


The Running and Exercise (or not) Update

Ok, I forget when last I wrote about running. Friday morning I ran 3.6 miles at 11:20 miles. I was quite pleased. Saturday I meant to run but was fighting off a migraine. Sunday I knew I wouldn't run. Sunday was rough for other reasons, many of them involving neighbors and domestic disputes. Monday morning I meant to run but was unable to get out of bed in the morning, largely due to not having a nap on Sunday. So I ran Monday night (that's tonight). I haven't figured out how far yet but maybe 5 miles. I don't know how long it took me. Lake Nokomis was quite crowded. I had to run on the bicycle trail.

The Sunday Seven

This is a sad post because I realized how few "rewards" I'm in a position to give myself right now that don't involve food. Many rewards involve healthy good food but still...

Suppose you're on a weight loss program and you're urged to come up with "rewards" for yourself for sticking to the program. Name up to seven rewards, that can't be related to food, that you would set for yourself.

1. Time to read a book (when would that be?)
2. Take a walk around Lake Nokomis
3. Sit on my patio or swing on my patio in my hammock
4. Buy a CD or something from iTunes
5. Swim in the pool (summer is coming, it was 80* today)
6. Drink more water (that's not really a reward, but it does make me feel better)
7. Learn a new song on the guitar (again, not really a reward but I miss the guitar, I haven't played in a long time)

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Groovy ::The Brady Bunch
2. Jealousy ::Natalie Merchant
3. Watching :: and Waiting
4. Kenny :: Chesney, G
5. Games :: fun, Bridge, board
6. Bread :: PBJ
7. City :: Cincinnati, Minneapolis
8. Stems :: Flowers
9. Birds :: bird feeders with finches (I told you, I think it pictures when I try this)
10. Listener :: me

The Saturday Six

1. What is your favorite kind of museum?
The kind I've never worked in, and the kind that isn't crowded when I visit. Seriously. I'm that easy to please.
2. How long has it been since you walked through a museum?
3. When you enter an art museum, what type of art do you generally visit first?
I usually walk through art museums pretty fast. I start with the paintings I can recognize, or where I can at least identify the subject. My browsing speed increases with the abstractness of the paintings.
4. Take the quiz: What Famous Work of Art Are You?
I Am Best Described By...

From the Lake, No. 1
by Georgia O'Keeffe

5. Judging your own personality, how well do you think the quiz's result matches you?
I like Georgia O'Keeffe so I'm ok with the results. It's not the most scientific quiz is it?
6. If you could own any famous piece of artwork for your own, which one would you choose?
Anything by M.C. Escher. Also the guy who paints with the dots. Who is that?


One of the most ridiculous things I've ever read

Maybe it's because it's midnight and I haven't slept over four hours a night for the past several nights. I was just reading this story about a city manager in Florida who is being fired after announcing he will have a sex change operation. I got to the third paragraph and read a quote from a commissioner and then read the commissioner's name, Gay Gentry. After that line I couldn't take anything else in the article seriously. Is that wrong?


3X Thursday

1.How would you describe your personality? Do you like it? Why why not?
When I hear personality, I think INFJ. I'm other things too. I'm a total gadget head and a nerd. I love to learn and I love music. I also enjoy hanging out with people and enjoy my alone time. I do like my personality. I'm trying to figure out how to treat people well within my personality, I can't imagine changing it.

2. What type of personality do you like the best? Why?
I like being an INFJ. I do appreciate the extroverts in my life. I need help talking to new people and exploring new things so I appreciate people whose personality is different from my own.

3. Do you believe that there are just certain personalities that don't mix well? Why/why not? When you are put in a situation with someone who is vastly different than you, how do you deal with it?
I think all personalities can mix and help each other. I've gotten along well with a couple people who I can't believe I was ever friends with because we were so different. We really got along and enjoyed our differences.

Speaking of goofing off

I have homework that I badly need to do, but I feel I need a brief break. I had a lot of anger last night that I needed to get rid of. This morning when I woke up I knew I needed to run, and so run I did. And I ran. And ran. And ran. I ran 4.75 miles, probably longer than I should have after not having run for so long. I had a great time though. I was very intentional about adding to my run, and running a slightly different route in the beginning to burn off some energy (running up hills). By the time I got to the normal part of my run I didn't have the energy to be angry anymore. I needed every bit of energy I had to keep running.

I'm glad I could find a way to take all that energy and use it in a constructive (and not destructive) way. This is a therapy method I may have to repeat a few more times. I could be a good distance runner again before this is all over.


Quite a relevant Wednesday Mind Hump

List your top five methods of goofing off.

1. The internet. While RSS feeds and blogs are my best friends, they are also really my worst enemy. You know about most of my favorite sites including Overheard in the Office, Post Secret, and Eyeteeth. Some of my less well known eqaully favorite time wasters are Car Talk, especially "Time Kill Central", Sudoku on the Strib, Cindee's Web Page, and Most Popular News on Yahoo.

2. Aside from poking around on the internet, I love to blog. Today I need it anyways to get some stuff out of my system.

3. Taking pictures. I love my digital camera. Which explains some of the more odd photos that have appeared here.

4. Running/exercising/walking. In the summer I will run or walk forever. The weather's getting nicer so I can do that again. Today I had some pent up anger from some bad news I got last night so I ran an extra long time before going to work. I ran 4.75 miles at 11:21 miles. (Yea me!)

5. Listening to music. Ahh, music. I've been on a tour of media players lately. I love Windows Media Player 11. It's super slick and I love how it deals with art work. Sadly the thing eats RAM like no other and I just couldn't deal with it. Also it doesn't support drag and dropping files which is something I need. I explored several other media players including Media Monkey and WinAmp before deciding on Songbird. Songbird is a great media player but it's on version 0.2.5 right now so it's only available as an unstable developer release. I used it anyways and it's really slick. However, it's got a lot more bugs than I am emotionally prepared to deal with right now. My favorite features: whenever I add a song to any "watched file" like the file I download music into, Songbird automatically adds it to my library without my telling it to do anything. When using an Mp3 search site like AllTheWeb or Mp3Realm it integrates the search results into the player and gives me the option to play or download the music in the browser/media player. Things I wish they'd add: Songbird doesn't know what to do when I delete music from my computer, it leaves said files on the playlist. There's a button to remove songs from the playlist but no "undo remove" function, either a key shortcut or a button. Drag and drop from Songbird into other apps is not supported. I have recently discovered iTunes which I swore off a while ago. My favorite iTunes feature: it supports dragging and dropping files, especially dragging and dropping files onto my Palm sync list. What I want from iTunes: sync to my Palm.

I think that was longer than I meant this post to be. Oh well, I'm putting off homework so it seems appropriate.


Back in the singles column

Through a sad set of circumstances, I am no longer going to have dinner with the guy I asked out. So, I'm back in the singles column. I'm kinda bummed. I'm trying not to be mad, so far it's working ok.


The voice in my head is back

The voice in my head is back. I had conquered it briefly.

I used to have this roommate that would obsess about everything in a new relationship. "I called him, why didn't he call me back?" "Can I use your phone to call him and see if he picks up?" "What if he..." "What if I..." "What do you think I should do?" I never really understood how she got so wrapped up in things. At this moment I have immense empathy with her. She's not even in the situation any more, she's engaged, or maybe even married.

I have decided to acknowledge how totally wrapped up in this situation I am right now and in writing this seek help to "unwrap" myself. I'm still interested in the situation, I'm just going to give it a normal, constructive (and not destructive) amount of attention.

Running and Smoothies

I ran this morning. 3.6 miles in 43 minutes which is actually (slightly) under 12:00 miles. Considering how long it's been since I've run in the cold morning, and how windy it was (20-30mph) I was pleased. I also got to wear the nice blue shirt my parents got me for Christmas.

I mentioned before how I found smoothies. This is one I just made (and later spilled all over). They are wonderful, even better with Vanilla yogurt. That's right, vanilla, I hate plain yogurt. That's the second smoothie I made today and the second smoothie I've spilled today. I have a picture of the spill but it looks gross...

Two Cool Memes

First, The Sunday Seven:
Name the last seven specific items that you purchased at the grocery store.
Mercifully I'm not embarrassed by this.
1. Lime - for making guacamole
2. Strawberries - they're on sale at Kowalski's right now. The good ones too. I bought them for smoothies, I'm sure we'll talk about more later.
3. Frozen blueberries, also for smoothies.
4. Five cups of yogurt which I'm counting as the rest of the seven. Some were for smoothies, some for breakfast, which incidentally was a smoothie this morning. I'm not on a smoothie diet, although I am beginning to see how that would work.

Second, The Monday Music Mambo:
1. What's your favorite Irish artist? Is it wrong to say U2? I like The Corrs too. I can't really think of anyone else, although I do legitimately like U2 so it's not a total cop-out.

2. What artist, album or song makes you think of the color green? I have this album by a band called Spookfloaters and the cover is green, and most of the rest of the album and the disc too.

3. Irish music is all about enjoying yourself. Name a song (Irish or otherwise) that you enjoy a lot. I just got a bunch of new music while I was on vacation. I'm currently listening to some classic greats including "Mambo Italiano" and "Come-on-a-my house" by Rosemary Clooney, which are really good despite how long ago they were released. I also love "Beautiful Girl" and "Best Years of Our Lives" by The Baha Men (of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" fame) and "Temperature" by Sean Paul. Those are all great workout songs by the way.


Here I am

And here I am today. I got lots of sun. I got most of it yesterday when I ran four miles.

Fun with the camera

That's two aunts and two uncles and me. We were testing out the timers on our cameras.

That's Aunt Joanie and I.

Driving the fun car

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I can't believe I didn't smile bigger for this shot.
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I also finished the puzzle on Friday

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Friday I sat by the pool in my new suit, by the way and enjoyed my vacation, and the warm pool water. I know it seems silly to have heated pools in Florida. I now see the benefits as well. I also snacked and played around. How cute is that little crab? We also learned a new game called Blink! It's super fun and super fast.

Thursday dinner

After the game we went out to dinner. Obviously a Margarita was indicated. Sadly, I forgot to say "no tomatoes" on my salad and so paid the price. The food was really good. I had chicken marsalla.

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Spring Training

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Day 2

I taught Aunt Joanie to play Phase 10, a fantastic game. Aunt Joanie said I got a ridiculous number of wild cards. I only seemed to get them when I was playing with her though. I started playing with my Uncle Tom and he skunked me. More puzzle too. I got some sun. (You should see me now.)

My first day...

Aunt Joanie seemed to think an 1,000 piece puzzle would keep me busy. How right she was... This is how much I got done the first day.

Did I mention the pool?

Those actually didn't have alcohol in them. (Although that would have been ok too.)
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Some pics from the trip...

Here's the view from the plane on the way down. On the way home it was cool to see where the snow started. The snow outlined the rows. The big piles left by all the plows were really all that was left of the snow. And of course the lakes are still frozen.

Unconscious Mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?
San Francisco :: Yarng
Sadness :: waaah
Spirits :: God
Harriet :: Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip
State :: Ohio
John :: Cousin
Offense :: Jail
Timeless :: Music
Account :: Bank
Refuse :: port-o-let



I try to have at least one of my spring break posts involve alcohol. It seems this si the one. I haven't had too much to drink, half a beer and some wine. Although I haven't eaten much today and I drank the wine a little fast.

I also trounced my aunt at a game called Phase 10. I highly recommend it. It's like rummy only it comes in a deck with the rules so no one can accuse me of making up my own rules. I really don't do that.

I'm wearing a new pair of Reebok shorts I bought yesterday. And I had to look down at them to see how to spell "Reebok". I love them. They have my new happy place. I also tried out my new tankini. It turns out they do make tankinis that can flatter my body.

Aunt Joan just said, "ok, grab yourself something to drink". I've gotta go...



I heard it snowed in Minnesota today. It's 82* and mostly sunny here. Nya Nya na boo boo.

Fun day at the ball game

Today we went to a Twins spring training game. Not all the good baseball players play during spring training. Tori Hunter played, and Justin Morneau and Nick Punto. It was a good time. It was really hot though.

I still haven't gotten to wear any of the clothes I bought but I can't wait beause they're cute. I even bought a tankini / whatever the two piece bathing suits are called / baithing suit that I am willing to wear in public.

Now I would like badly to get in the pool but it looks like it's about to rain. I'm torn...


I am the shopping queen

Usually in life I woul shop with Kelly and Amanda, and one of them approves all my purchases. Today I shopped with my Aunt Joanie. I did well. Really, I bought too much stuff. At first I thought if I brought cash I wouldn't spend as much. Turns out I just shouldn't go shopping....


Florida rocks

Hi, my name is Liz and I'm on spring break. In Florida. At a resort community. In a house with a pool. And alcohol. It's possible I'm in heaven.

They have computers and digital cameras and all kinds of good stuff here too. Yesterday after I flew in, I got Uncle Tom's spaghetti. I think we all know how I feel about that. Today I helped Aunt Joan take the dog for a walk, ran 2 miles in the Florida sun, and swam. Now I'm trying to help Aunt Joan move the songs on her iPod from one computer to a new one. I hope I'm doing it right.

The plane ride down did help me seriously consider getting an iPod. The problem is I'd want two. A shuffle for exercising because they're so tiny a light, and a 30G or 80G one for real life because I have that much music. The 2G SD card in my Palm is just not doing the magic. The problem is I always have to root through my music to select exaclty what I want, and then have to sync that.

I don't think I can buy an iPod, another iPod and a MacBook right now. I'm still not sure I'm going to keep working at the aquarium given the wildness of the past couple of overnights I've worked there. Sharks after dark is a cool thing, but it's screwing up the overnight routine by like a lot.

My Aunt Joanie also has a Nintendo SD. It's kind of fun. At some point in my life maybe I'll get back into video games. It seems like they should help my brainpower. Now I have to figure out if I did the iPod thing correctly. If you know anything about 3rd generation iPods, give me a call.


As seen on

I found a couple of things poking around on the internet today. I haven't got a chance to read, well, hardly any of them. If you have a chance to read any of them, let me know which one I should start with when I get back.

1. Unlocking Minds is about everyone's psychic powers according to the headlines. It looks interesting.

2. Why Intelligent People Tend to Be Unhappy. Also haven't read it. Interesting premise though.

3. Top 5 Future Technologies. This one I did look at. Even if you don't read it all, follow the link and scroll down to the picture of the partial invisibility cloak. It is the trippiest think I've ever seen.

4. And finally, 9 Lessons for Would Be Bloggers. I also skimmed this one. Interesting points.

Spring Break and fun pictures

In honor of spring break, I pulled out the flip flops. All the snow is melting so I was able to get some great pictures today. Very artsy.

This is the puddle made from the snow on the roof melting and dripping down the gutters by my patio. Watch out for the splashing. My foot (in the flip flops) got wet taking this.

Another puddle made from water coming off the roof and down the gutters. Check out the reflection.

And a couple more artsy shots just to brighten your day.


Let me tell you about my day yesterday

This picture pretty much says it all. Remember how good I was doing Thursday and Friday?

Friday night when I got home I wanted something with carbs and protein at the same time. Haggen Daas seemed to fit the bill quite nicely. Or so I thought.

Saturday morning when I got up to pack breakfast I realized I put the Haggen Daas in the fridge. When I went to put it back in the freezer it fell, and since it was melted, it splattered.

Then I went to the first job. And then someone who works for me passed out.

Then I couldn't leave my first job because I had to tie up all the loose ends so I could go away for a week.

Then I went to my second job and found out they wanted me to do something I'd specifically asked not to do. Then we couldn't lay everyone down at the usual time so we had to wait an hour. Then we had to spring our clocks forward so we lost another hour of sleep.


In honor of spring break, a moment of Randomness:

1. Do you like to read? Yes when it's for fun. No when I need to learn something from it. What is your fav book? For sheer reading pleasure, any Harry Potter book. author? Charles Dickens
2. Do you hate it when they turn a book into a film? Sometimes. There are some parts of books I love to see on film, and love it when they get it right. Lord of the Rings is a good one because that was such a visual book, seeing it on film was great. When the book is more of a "journey of personal growth" and there's a lot of talk about feelings and change and that sort of thing, the movies usually disappoint. I hold "in her shoes as an example.
3. Has a book ever changed your life? I'm sure one has. Can't think of it right now. How? Well Harry Potter made me like to read again.
4. Do you tend to borrow books from the library or do you prefer to buy them? I try to buy used or borrow from friends. I am fundamentally opposed to the Minneapolis public library system because it bites. Cincinnati, land of conservatives who wont spend money on anything still can afford one of the best libraries there is and I'm spoiled. Plus the libraries are never open. Think I'm kidding?
5. Which book are you planning on reading next? Something good for spring break.


Snow Check and Mood Check

For a history of the snow, you can check out this post and this post. It's in the 40's today and the snow is starting to melt. Everything is very wet. It's still not melted enough for me to run on the sidewalks, but the path's in the city parks are near.

That brings me to my next point. For a check on my mood yesterday, check out this post. I'm feeling about the same, or better.
I slept all morning. Then I was on my way to the Y to run. But it was such a sunny day I decided that Lake Nokomis was a good distance to run around, since it's been such a long time since I've really run in earnest. So I ran outside, 2.8 miles. In shorts and a t-shirt. The ground is still covered with snow. I got a lot of weird looks. Although whenever I saw a runner wearing a parka and gloves I gave them a weird look too. At the very end of the day I saw a couple other runners in shorts and t-shirts. That's really the right amount of clothes for this temperature, despite the snow thats lingering on the ground.


This is the kind of day I had today

'Nuff said.

Spring Break

These are the things I hope to be doing in Florida. I didn't realize the huggie was in the picture when I took it, but yeah, I guess I'd like to be doing some drinking as well. When I was in Florida a couple of years ago I taught my family to play 500, and they call me and ask the rules every time they want to play it. Phase 10 is not 500, but a similar idea and has the added value of having the rules right in the deck of cards. I got on pack for me and one as a gift to my aunt and uncle who I'm staying with.

3X Thursday

1. In general, are you happy with life? Do you consider yourself a happy person? Why/why not?
I'm pretty happy with life. I'm really happy with life right now. Ask me why.

2. What is happiness, anyway?
Happiness is faith in a good outcome, happiness is faith in the universe taking care of me, and you, and the rest of us.

3. What do you think happiness (as a concept) is based on? Do you think it's genetic?
I think some genetic factors like temperament impact how easily people get along with you and you get along with them, which can definitely impact happiness. I think a lot of it is spiritual.

The Book Meme

I saw the Book Meme here, and I'm writing it for Amanda, who lost her book list.


* Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror? Usually Fantasy. I love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.
* Hardback or Trade Paperback or Mass Market Paperback? Depends. Books I'll keep forever, hardback. Books I'll abuse, like Harry Potter books which go everywhere in my backpack I buy paperback copies.
* Amazon or Brick and Mortar? Usually Used Books, but almost always an actual store.
* Barnes & Noble or Borders? Barnes & Noble
* Hitchhiker or Discworld? What are those?
* Bookmark or Dogear? Usually a bookmark or just "remember" the page number.
* Magazine: Digg, BoingBoing and Del.icio.us.
* Alphabetize by author, Alphabetize by title, or random? By size, although now they're all in a box, but still by size.
* Keep, Throw Away or Sell? Keep.
* Keep dust-jacket or toss it? Usually I loose it.
* Read with dustjacket or remove it? Remove it.
* Short story or novel? Long.
* Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket? I've read Harry. The Lemony Snicket movie was cool so it seems like the books should also be cool.
* Stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks? When I'm about to fall asleep.
* "It was a dark and stormy night" or "Once upon a time?" Usually "once upon a time"
* Buy or Borrow? Buy. I hate the Minneapolis Library system.
* Buying choice: Book Reviews, Recommendation or Browse? Recommendations and world of mouth.
* Lewis or Tolkien? Tolkein.
* Collection (short stories by the same author) or Anthology (short stories by different authors)? I don't know, I've never really read either.
* Tidy ending or Cliffhanger? If it's a cliffhanger it's not an ending.
* Morning reading, Afternoon reading or Nighttime reading? When I wake up and before bed.
* Standalone or Series? Usually a series, or several works by the same author. *New or used? New for Harry Potter, used for almost anything else.
* Favorite book of which nobody else has heard? Hmmm... I'll have to think about that. Maybe Prescriptions for Living or Conversations with God, although that movie just came out so everyone knows about that book now.
* Top 5 favorite genre books of all time?
o Classic Science fiction: Hmmm
o Modern Science Fiction: The one Steven King wrote
o Classic Fantasy: Lord Of The Rings
o Modern Fantasy: Harry Potter
o Mystery: Hmmm
o Thriller: Stephen King, Evil Things or the fantasy one he wrote
* Favorite genre series? Harry Potter
* Currently Reading? School work. I'm not allowed to have fun.


I love running!

I love running. Even more exciting, apparently I can still do it, at least a little. I ran 2.5 miles on the track at the Y tonight. I was, as always, the slowest runner on the track. Nevertheless, I was running. It took me 29:42 to run 2.5 miles or 11:53 miles. I was quite pleased. In my head I'd negotiated to run 2 miles, but I felt so good at the end of that lap, and a really good song had just started, so I decided to keep going. Around 2.5 miles my arms actually started to cramp. I decided not to kill myself my first time running in... I wonder how long it's been. I credit the rowing machine, swimming, and the stair master with keeping me in "running shape" at least a little bit.

Wednesday Mind Hump

1. Favorite type of cheerios - honey nut, frosted, or good ol' plain?
Honey Nut all the way. As a kid I mixed them with all kinds of other cereals. Still do as a matter of fact...

2. Do you still dig for the prize in the box?
Now I tend to buy organic cereals, the organic knock off of cheerios is great, and there's no prizes in those. I know, it is hard to be an adult sometimes.

3. Do you actually eat the non-marshmallow pieces in Lucky Charms?
I don't think I've ever eaten either part of Lucky Charms. I don't even feel deprived.

4. Do you go cuckoo for cocoa puffs?
No, but it's ok. I never did.

5. What is your favorite brand/kind of cereal?
My co-op sells Honey Gone Nuts Granola is bulk. It's a good think too because that's how much I eat it. Usually I mix it with yogurt.


I feel like crap

I feel like crap. For a while I've been thinking I have giardia because, ahem, I'm experiencing some of the symptoms. I was making pita to have with my holy land homos and got fascinated by the pictures I could take of the toaster oven.

I was feeling fine and then I ate again. Now I feel like crap again. I have stomach cramps that are related to eating. I can't make them go away. Although, now that I'm thinking of it, it seems to be worse when I eat bread.

Video Game Playing

Sunday we went over to Eric's. Kelly cooked us dinner (and had an awesome sense of humor about my dislike for asparagus). After dinner(and really if I'm going to be honest, before dinner too) we played video games. The rumor is that Eric is sad Kelly won't play video games with him so Amanda and I tested out the new Wii. The sports suite is pretty cool. Tennis is my favorite.

These are the bushes on Friday while it was still snowing.

These are the bushes when it basically stopped snowing and the sun came out.