welcome to slackerdom

I feel like a slacker because I ran less today than I did yesterday. That's ok right? My body needs a break.

I think I am getting yet another sinus infection. There was the one in April, the one in May, the one two weeks after that on the trip to Canada, and now this one, and that's only this spring and summer. Anyone else get sinus infections every time the wind blows? A sinus infection is a good reason to not run so hard. It impacts my breathing.

So I ran 2.4 miles instead of 2.7. I have discovered I really don't like running around Lake Nokomis. I'm mean I love the lake and it has my very favorite view of the Minneapolis skyline ever but I'm not a fan of actually running around the lake. I just get too caught up in when I'm going to be done. I really like the running route I found in my neighborhood.

Also, a note on the hills: I looked at the route for the Milk Run and there is a lot of up hill action. In my current running route the elevation differences (the top of the hill to the bottom of the hill) isn't that large even though I always complain about the one hill. On the Milk Run route the differences are like 5 times what I deal with. This should be interesting. Maybe I should start running stairs...

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