I am a cooking machine

I did lots and lots of cooking tonight. I made walleye with brazillian spices. The recipe actually called for shrimp marinated in lime juice, cilantro, eighteen heads of garlic (8 cloves really) and crushed red pepper. I have come to this conclusion: I don't like fish. Shrimp is ok, scallops are good, lobster is GOOD. Fish, not so much, which is too bad seeing as it's so good for women to eat.

Second I made chicken stock. I keep looking at this corn starch I bought. Every time I open my cupboard I can hear it say to me "egg drop soup would be sooo good". And then sometimes I think about making rice but I lack the chicken stock to do it. So for now, problem solved.

And then I made guacamole. The guac is the highlight probably. I added salsa. I don't know if my feelings about tomatoes have been made clear. Raw tomatoes are very very bad, but salsa I could eat by the bucket. I have no explanation. It's really good, I ate about half of it. I'm full now. I hope it stays until tomorrow. It should, there's only like a cup of lime juice in it.

Every time I cook I think of Mark. I keep thinking about what I will do when I finish school. There are some days in Minnesota, usually when it's about -1o degrees, that Florida sounds really nice, particularly the keys. I wonder what would finally make me move from Minnesota to Florida. It's nice to think about but it seems like there needs to be some critical event that would actually force the decision. I have no idea what that would be.

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