Don't know what I was going to say

I was at a sexual harrasment training this morning for work. I had this great idea of what to write about, but I totally cona't remmeber.

I thought I'd just write a few lines in the hopes of remembering, but nothing is coming to me.

I'm going to write about all of the good things that happened today, and see if I can block out all of the bad. The team at the museum went up on the floor today, and they did really well. We made kaleidoscopes and "vocal chord" cups. Some of the new, and some of the old, did a really good job and totally impressed me. I was most impressed with people who I thought would be really quiet and shy, and they were totally what they needed to be.

Ok, then I downloaded some songs from singing fish which is a fantastic website. I am ok with the fact that I got a new kids on the block song. You know you used to listen to them too.