Marshmallow Training - 12 Weeks To Go

Sunday Planned: 12 Miles Long Run
Sunday actual: 10.33 miles outside, 2 miles cooling down inside on the track
From today, I learned: Don't trust the weather channel

Monday Planned: Hill Repeats, Monday Abs, Lift Weights
Monday actual: Hill repeats moved to next week.  Tempo run on the tread mill accomplished. Abs accomplished.  Weights not accomplished becuase my knee felt funny.
From today, I learned: I should've been doing more squats all along.

Tuesday Planned: Run 1 Miles
Tuesday actual: 1.08 miles outside.
From today, I learned: I'm calling this my mile of grumpiness.  Only a small part of the sidewalk was cleared so there was a lot of back and forth.

Wednesday Planned: 7 Miles, easy, Lift Weights
Wednesday actual: 6.34 miles outside.  The snow crust was 'squishy' or 'sandy' in some places, so not icy but not great footing.  Weights accomplished.
From today, I learned: My knee still feels funny.  Tomorrow, I will run my mile inside, do more squats, and avoid the snow.

Thursday Planned: Run 1 miles
Thursday actual: 1.16 miles inside on the track with a more dedicated warm up for my knees
From today, I learned: I googled "my knees collapse when I squat" and found pre-hab exercises to do; I'm working them in.

Friday Planned: 5 Miles, easy, Lift Weights
Friday actual: 5 Miles in the morning before work on the track.  This was one of those days my heart rate stayed super low and I felt great the whole time.
Weights were done in the afternoon.  That felt like a struggle of logistics, but weights themselves were good.
From today, I learned: Around lunch, the parking lot gets full at the downtown gym.

Saturday Planned: 5 Miles, easy 
Saturday actual: 13.31 miles long run, moved from Sunday because it's supposed to snow tomorrow
From today, I learned: Well, I checked the weather forecast and believed it which is different than the previous long run.  Also I used different water bottles that did not freeze, so I've got a lot going for me.


Before and After: Snow Run

This may be the coldest/snowiest Long Run I've done.  Ever.  For sure I've raced and had shorter runs in colder weather.  I've done some 1 mile runs in more snow.  This was 10 miles of "WTF, weather channel said the flurries would stop and the real snow wouldn't start 'till I was done".  I was too far 'out' on the Out and Back before I realized what was happening.

On a related note, I was just talking to Dungeon Master who still remembers wiping off her face in this race and then wishing she hadn't.  The snow/ice becomes like a shield at some point. I told someone today 'no one will ever believe I wasn't really that cold'

Before and After a snowy run:


Quality Miles Monday

Plan: 5x 4:00 tempo, 2:00 rest
Actual Mileage: 4.71 +0.5 miles walking warm up
Route: Track and treadmill
Weather: So cold and snowy I was inside
Warm up: Monday Abs, Walking 0.5 miles on the track
Actual: 6mins 4.1mph, 6mins 4.2mph, 6 mins 4.3mph for the running warm up
Tempo: 4mins at 5.3mph, 4mins at 5.4mph, 4mins at 5.3mph, 4mins at 5.5mph, 4mins at 5.6mph, 4mins at 5.7mph, all with 2mins at 4.1mph in between.
Cool down: 4mins 4.1mph running, then 15mins walking cool down
From today, I learned: It's HOT on the treadmills at Midtown. This was harder than doing the workout outside I thought. The treadmill is more pressure than the trails.
Bonus: I didn't do weights because my knee felt funky


Sunday Long Run: Snow Day

Plan: Go 12 miles.  It can be any combination of inside and outside running that is safe and makes sense.  At least the end of the run will be inside because 'cool down' will turn into 'freeze my butt off' too quickly otherwise.
Actual Mileage: 10.33 miles outside, 2 miles inside for a total of 12.33 miles.
Outside: Out and back on the Greenway, basically all the way to St Louis Park and back.  My fear is that if I cross the rail road tracks, a train will come and I'll literally be caught 'on the wrong side of the tracks' so I always stop there.
Inside: 2 miles on the track, after the outside bit.  1 mile running and 1 mile cooling down.
Weather: Let's call it a "don't worry, weather channel says it won't rain" kind of day.
Weather Channel said there'd be flurries tapering off shortly after I started, and then the real snow wouldn't start 'till after 10am.  Actually, the flurries never stopped, and turned into real snow around mile 7 of this run.  At least it was warmer than yesterday.  It was 10* when I started and a bit warmer for the finish.
Pants: Running tights; Nike winter running pants
Top: Wool base layer, Running Sweat Shirt, Blue Jacket
Feet: Wool compression socks; silver socks, Altra shoes
Other: Hat and gloves were on the whole time, buff went on around mile 7, Running vest
Outside run: 
Warm up: I totally bit it on a patch of ice before I'd even started to run.  Internally I decided if there were any more issues, I had to go back inside immediately no matter where I was.
Run: I did't look at my watch because it was buried under 85 layers of clothes. I started going pretty hard by the end because I really wanted to be done.  The footing started out not so great, the snow made it better, then by the last mile the snow was a little too much.
This run ended with me grabbing my gear and heading in doors. 
Inside run:
Run: I ran about a mile on the indoor track
Cool down: I did a run/walk of 0.5 miles and then a walk of 0.5 miles to 'cool down'
There was an indoor triathlon happening on the 'downstairs track' so that was entertaining to watch.
Nutrition: I had pumpkin seeds before I left.  Turns out this run was fasted because my water bottle froze quite quickly and the Larabar followed suit not long after.
From today, I learned: If you'd described the conditions of this run to me before hand, I would've been up all night worrying about it.  But while it was happening it really wasn't so bad, much like this very rainy run.
Bonus: I am going to enter a contest for the best ice eyebrows, mustache, and hair.  Do you think I have a chance?


Marshmallow Training - 13 Weeks To Go

Sunday Planned: Long run, 11 miles
Sunday actual:  11.04 miles in the fog with lousy footing.  Bonus Monday abs on Sunday night.  I thought I'd have time to foam roll too, but somehow only got the abs in.
From today, I learned: Oddly, in St Paul, south of the Ford Bridge the footing was excellent but it was totally lousy going north.

Monday Planned: Tempo run, Monday Abs, Monday Weights
Monday actual: Tempo run completed as written except I did a significantly longer warm up and cool down than originally prescribed.  Monday weights done.
From today, I learned: Break down the hard parts into smaller pieces, and then break that into sections too.  "I don't have to do 20 minutes on the treadmill, I just need to count 200 strides and see where I am"

Tuesday Planned: Run 1 miles
Tuesday actual: 1.08 miles in ice cleats. Super slow.
From today, I learned: I did not fall down, so the super slow thing turned out to be okay probably.

Wednesday Planned: 6 Miles, easy, Weights
Wednesday actual:
Run: 6 miles, easy, on the track at Midtown after work.
Weights: Done, but I can feel how I have not lifted for a little while. 
From today, I learned: I was surprised I had the energy to get through this workout after a full day at work.  I was pleasantly surprised by my heart rate during the run as well.

Thursday Planned: Run 1 miles
Thursday actual: 1.08 miles, slowly, in the snow
From today, I learned: Well, this run was done shortly before I found my car had been busted into, and from that experience I learned my neighbors are beautiful.

Friday Planned: 5 Miles easy, Weights
Friday actual:
5.0 miles on the track
Friday weights done except I did overhead press instead of bench press because logistics
From today, I learned: Felt good to just run in circles for a little while.

Saturday Planned: VDay 5K Race (Pray it's not too cold out)
Saturday actual: It's too cold out.
Run on the track, 3 miles.
Walk on the track with Dungeon Master, also 3 miles.
From today, I learned: Sometimes it's too cold to want to race.


Quality Miles Monday - Tempo Run

Plan: The workout was written as 20mins easy running, 20 mins tempo (11:15-10:45), 10mins easy running.
Actual Mileage: 5.21 miles.
Route: It's a skating rink outside.  I was on the treadmill.
Weather: It's a skating rink outside.
Wardrobe: It felt really good to wear shorts and a shirt and get all sweaty.
10 minutes walking warm up on the treadmill - this was not written into the plan, but I always need a longer warmup than my coach writes
20 mins easy: started at 4.1mph for 10mins and upped that to 4.2mph for 10mins
20 mins tempo: 6 mins at 5.4mph, 6 mins at 5.5mph 4-5mins at 5.6mph and last couple mins at 5.7mph.  Though my Garmin thinks I was going significantly slower than that.  Jerk.
10 minutes easy: 4mins at 4.3mph (this felt soooo sloooow), 4 mints at 4.2mph, 2 mins at 4.1mph
15 minutes walking cool down
Nutrition: No.
From today, I learned: 20 minutes of solid work.  I tried to break it down inside the 20 minutes, like six minutes at a time, and then break it down inside of that when I could.
Bonus: I absolutely fell into this book on the treadmill run. I can't put it down


Sunday Long Run

Plan: 11 Miles, effort should range from easy to 'don't look at the watch and try to back off'
Actual Mileage:  11.04 miles
Route: Here's where the issues began.
Planned: I thought I'd go from my house, to the creek, around Lake Harriet and back.  Actual: Two stops on the sidewalk I found all the ice, turned around and went inside.
Actual: Parked near the bridge and headed over into St Paul to run along the river.  In theory St Paul keeps their trails in better condition than Minneapolis.  On the drive over, I saw the Mpls side of the river and it looked clear in some places and like sheets of ice in others.  Trails everywhere suck. This route was probably a better choice for the hills.
Weather: Low 30s, Humidity, and all of the fog.  The fog was the most impressive part of this run for sure.
Shoes: Altra Superior, and even those were a little slippery.
Socks: Non-wool compression socks.  (And it's the time of year where I get to make that distinction)
Pants: Illuminite tights, these things were GREAT!
Top: Running shirt and sweat shirt
Other: Buff on my head, and my running vest.  (When I got that running vest, I was so disappointed, it wasn't at all what I thought it would be.  I'm pleasantly surprised with how much I'm loving it!)
The footing on this run was lousy.  There wasn't really a ton of ice, but a lot of 'is that ice or water?'  There was also a lot of slush in some places, and that is what really sapped the energy.  Might as well have been quick sand.  I ran over into St Paul and went north.  (I should've gone south, the footing would've been way better.)  At Franklin Ave I turned around, went south past the bridge a bit to make the mileage even out, and then came back into Minneapolis.
Nutrition: 12oz water bottle.  I didn't drink it all during the run, but it was empty by the time I'd cooled down.  Larabar - I am making more of an effort to eat on the run.  (Like, I'm not hungry but I have a feeling it will make a difference at mile 23.)  I had a bite at mile 4 and again at mile 8.  During the cooldown, I ate the rest of it.
From today, I learned: Patience in slush I think.
Bonus: Can I tell you again how much I love my pants?


Marshmallow Training - 14 Weeks To Go

Sunday Planned: Long run was moved to Saturday of week 15.  Easy 3-4 Miles.
Sunday actual: 3.18 miles around Mom and Dad's neighborhood.
From today, I learned: As always, running down hill is a blast!

Monday Planned: Tempo run.
Monday actual: 4.65 miles with 5x4:00 tempo
From today, I learned: This was a fun one.  Pacing outside is harder than on the treadmill.

Tuesday Planned: Run 1 miles
Tuesday actual: 1.29 miles in Cincinnati before coming home to the bitter bitter cold
From today, I learned: 18* can be warm!

Wednesday Planned: 6 miles easy, lift weights?
Wednesday actual: Run 1.08 miles outside
From today, I learned: Coldest run of the streak? I dressed a bit too warm actually.  My gym is closed again tomorrow, so I have another crack at getting the wardrobe right!

Thursday Planned: Run 1 miles
Thursday actual: Run 3.18 miles.  Outside.  While it wasn't quite as cold as yesterday, it was really freaking cold.  I ran laps around the block.
From today, I learned: I learned to rotate my buff as the section over my mouth and nose started to freeze so I'd have a fresh spot to breathe through.

Friday Planned: 5 miles easy, lift weights?
Friday actual: 4.43 miles on the treadmill, mostly easy. Why this distance?  That's 1:05 on the treadmill, as far as I can go at the gym without resetting.
Weights: I did front squats and dead lifts but no arms.  I apparently injured my shoulder by sleeping incorrectly or something.  Overhead lifts didn't seem like a great idea.
From today, I learned: So much fun to be running and sweaty and HOT.  Because that hasn't been the case outside for quite some time.

Saturday Planned: 5 miles easy
Saturday actual: 5.38 miles outside.  Strava says I haven't run this route since September.  I believe it too. 
From today, I learned: This was a good time to assess sidewalk conditions.  Basically, there is a snow crust, but not a ton of ice.


Running Conditions in January

Warmest Run: Early in the month we had a crazy great day.  I was on Rush Creek Trail and Coon Rapids Dam. (I always spell that last word wrong and have to correct myself!)
Coldest Run: Pretty sure this was my coldest outdoor run ever, and possibly the second coldest as well at the end of the month.  (In like a lamb, out like a lion.)
Favorite Run: Exploring the Coon Rapids side of the Dam (leads to Rush Creek Trail on the Hennepin Co side).
Worst conditions outside: Did you see the pictures for Jan 30 and Jan 31?  
Other: This month, the trails were generally in good condition, sometimes clear and sometimes snow crust but not a ton of ice.  We didn't have a ton of precipitation which is a change from last year.  The challenge for this month was the bitter cold we got in the last week.


Hanging with the family: (Wish I was) heading South!

Running: 1 mile in the morning before heading out
Traveling: This was the first time I couldn't get a Lyft, so I had to take Uber to the airport, which was like double the cost. 
Visiting: Dad and I saw Grandma, and we took a bonus trip to the Krohn.

Running: 5-ish miles at Lunken Airport.  
Visiting: I saw an old friend for breakfast.  Then we visited Aunt Spaghetti (the first time since Uncle Spaghetti passed away).  After running, I popped over to see Grandma again and I don't remember too much about that visit.  We saw Downstairs Mom and Dad, and Marge for supper.  It's a place I've never been before but enjoyed.  I think I'd enjoy it again if my stomach was a bit calmer.

Running: 11.5 miles long run. I spent so much time at Lunken Airport trail today.  It was impressive.
Visiting: Jenny brought the kids over to Krohn.  I had a random bonus visit with someone who went to my high school who'd also brought her kids to visit the Krohn, so that was fun. Mom and I stopped in to see Grandma for a minute, but she was asleep so we didn't stay.

Running: Easy run in the neighborhood.  My only real run in the neighborhood due to some massive ice patches on the sidewalks on Erie Ave.
Visiting: We saw Grandma in the morning.  She didn't want to go to mass, but she did take a walk with me.  In the afternoon we saw Aunt Spaghetti and some of my favorite people in Kentucky.  We played cards, ate pizza, and got caught up.

Running: Tempo run, last run at Lunken for this trip.  Lunken was well plowed and salted, so running over there felt very comfortable.
Visiting: Dad and I took Grandma to mass.  Then Mom and I hung out.  I had a bonus visit with Marge and one other neighbor.

Running: 1.29 miles in the morning before leaving Mom and Dad's house.  It was 18* which was the warmest air temp I would get for today.
Traveling: Flew home to MSP.  It's pretty freaking cold, and tomorrow will be even more freaking cold.
Visiting: Qat Lady picked me up from the airport?