Tuesdays on the Run - Dark Side of Running

Tuesdays on the Run asks What are your least favorite parts of running?

At first I blew by this one.  I was all 'Running is ultimately a gift and a great thing.  And then I was all...

The laundry is out of control.  I always think 'if I was a professional athlete I'd pay for help doing my laundry'  I look at how Kara Goucher trains and all these other stellar athletes who work out multiple times per day.  They must have a maid to help with the laundry right?  It's basically a second outfit every single day.  The laundry literally doubles.

As a close second: Running in dirty clothes.  Mostly on 1 mile days, I'm all "I can't get a whole outfit gross for 15 minutes of work, I'll wear something again' And while it makes sense and I keep doing it, totally not my favorite thing.  The other time this happens is traveling when I've packing limits the number of running outfits available.

I agree with the original post on the lotteries issue as well.  There's definitely been some races I'd love to do but am discouraged from registering because the lotteries seem like a racket.


Productivity Tuesday

Morning - woke up too late. Because, sigh.
Day - work all day.  Had planned to visit a friend but poor planning lead to that not working out.
Afternoon - lift weights and then run.  And then shower.  Relevant because that had to happen before I saw anyone.
Supper - was able to see Qat Lady and My Pooky Bear for supper.
Post supper - officially declared both Dishes Bankruptcy and Laundry Bankruptcy.  Though the dishes situation was far worse than the laundry issue.  Put in laundry, cleaned, and did dishes.
Way too late o'clock - am now sitting here watching Loving Vincent.  I see why it's nominated for an Oscar.  The film is beautiful.  But the story fails to captivate me. But it's such a beautiful and amazing film that I kind of still want it to win.
PS - did I tell you my dishes are clean and my clean laundry is put away?


Valentines Day 5K

The Valentines Day 5K is an early goal race of mine, meaning I did actually fix my diet and train for the thing.  Dungeon Master signed up for the race series, so this is her first race of the year too.  My plan was to run my race, then cool down jog back to find her on the course and walk in with her, which is pretty much what happened.  Bonus is that I seem to remain frostbite free.

Start time: 10am, north side of Lake Nokomis

Weather: 3* and 5mph winds.  It was cold.

Wardrobe: I was a little too hot for the race and had things mostly unzipped.  I was freezing cold walking in and then back to the car with the Dungeon Master.
Bottoms: fleece lined tights; brooks running pants
Top: smart wool base layer, 2xu fleece top, my new favorite running jacket
Socks: Compression socks, wool socks
Other: Gloves, fleece headband for during the race.  Mittens, hat, gaiter for after the race
Shoes: Altra Lone Peaks.  I'd considered a couple other pairs that would've been lighter and faster, but nothing else really accommodates two pairs of socks like the Altras.

Transportation: I drove Dungeon Master and myself.  We parked on 52nd street.  There will still spots available at 9:30, but it was filling up fast.

Route: Run one lap counter clockwise around Lake Nokomis.  (Every race I've ever done at Lake Nokomis is counter clockwise.  I think it has to do with opening Cedar Ave as quickly as possible.)  Note the start line is about 0.3 miles behind the finish, so it's like run for 2 minutes, 'oh here's the finish.  Psych! go run around the lake and then come back here.'

Plan/Goals: My A goal for sometime in 2018 is to run a 5K in under 30 minutes.  I figured I'd see how close to that I could come today.  I think I could've had a better mental plan than 'see if you can run a sub 10 mile and then see if you can hang on'.  I could've had a more realistic plan as well. But I really didn't want to feel like I left anything out there.

Execution: Sadly, a sub30 was not to be today.  My average HR was 171bpm or 93% of max for the entire race.  My run cadence was around 175.  So I think I did what I could here, and I have room to grow over the year.

Nutrition: I woke up around 7:30am and ate half an avocado with salt, then had a banana around 9am. I was glad I'd had a little food but also glad my stomach was mostly empty.

Results: Early results say a 32:15 or 10:23 per mile, which is about a minute slower than last year's best 5K where I was in the best shape of the year.
SWAG: SWAG is a medal and a long sleeve shirt.  Post race goodies were the normal chips, cookies, nut rolls, and bonus hot chocolate. 

Remember for next time: I did packet pick up a day early at the TCM offices (which is near my own work headquarters).  This saved me some race day standing in line and being cold.  If I run this race again, I'd do the early packet pick up as well.

Bonus: Dungeon Master wanted to go to Peppers and Fries afterwards.  Since I'm no longer Whole30 girl, I got the burger of the month, which is a bacon cheeseburger on a maple doughnut.  I did not have the whole doughnut.  And I did not have alcohol.   But I did remark 'I haven't had a pop since last year'


VDay 5K - One Week To Go/Race Week

IWeekly Miles Planned: 25?  I was realizing I need to taper this week, at least with the weight lifting.
Actual: About 20, and I'm okay with it.  2 sessions of weights instead of 3.

Proprioceptive cue: Butt Squeeze
Core conditioning exercises: Two Rounds: Single Leg Squat x10 each leg; Side plank x20 secs each side; Lying Draw-in with hip flexion x10 each side; Bird dog, hold 10 secs, x5 each side. One Round: Lying hip abduction x12 on each side; Cook Hip Lift, hold 5 secs x5 each leg; Knee fall out x12 each leg; Overhead draw in, hold 5 secs x5
Drills: Running No Arms; High Knees; One Leg Hops  These are two of my least favorite drills btw

Sunday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Sunday Kettlebell Workout
Actual: I am captain grumpy pants.  I'm cool with it though.  1.16 miles run, Kettlebell workout mostly done.  I got hot during the last exercise so I cut out a couple sets.  Like, uncomfortable hot.  Walked a couple literal cool down laps on the track and called it good.

Monday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, drills, core conditioning exercises
Actual: 4.5 miles at Lake Nokomis.  Drills at the end of the run except I did 'bounding' instead of one leg hops.  One leg hops on an icy sidewalk were not my jam.  Core conditioning in the evening.

Tuesday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Lift Weights
Actual: 3.5 miles on the track, Tuesday weight lifting.  (2x25lbs for squats; 2x10lbs for bench press, 2x12.5lbs for barbell row, all with big bar)

Wednesday Planned: 1 Mile Run, drills, core conditioning exercises
Actual: 4.42 miles at Lake Nokomis with drills at the end.  I am now laying on the couch partially dead and core conditioning seems unlikely.

Thursday Planned:2-4 Miles at MAF, Lift Weights
Actual: The tired monster attacked again. 1.2 miles of running outsidie

Friday Planned: 1 Mile Run, drills, core conditioning exercises
Actual: 1.2 miles outside, with some sprints during the run to help me feel excited for tomorrow.
Saturday Planned: RACE!
Actual: RACE!


Whole30 Day 39 - THE LAST ONE

Pre workout and post workout meals: None
Breakfast: Eggs, potatoes from last night, bacon
Lunch: Steak, veggies, apple
Snacks: Bacon, just because
Supper: Chicken from last night, sweet potato poppers
Exercise: Run 1 mile outside
Shopping: Stopped by the older location of my co-op, got eggs, butter and even cheese!
Cooking: Not really.
Thoughts: I'm so over it. 
Tomorrow is race day which is what all the extra care in my diet was for.   I'm excited to be racing at a lower-for-me weight.  It's going to be way too cold out, so now I have to go pick out my clothes.

Whole30 Day 38

Pre workout and post workout meals: None
Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, coffee
Lunch: Steak, veggies, apple, larabar.  I was hungry and regretted my decision not to have an avocado
Snacks: Bacon.  Okay.  Let's not lie.
Supper: Chicken thighs sort of like this recipe, veggies, potatoes with the Dungeon Master.  Then there was a discussion about banana pancake recipes, so I had to make those for her too. this is the recipe I use.  While technically ingredient complaint, everyone would want you to know that pancakes are not in the spirit of Whole30.
Exercise: Run 1 mile outside.
Shopping: None.  I need butter and eggs.
Cooking: Supper.  And bacon.  Did I mention the bacon?
Thoughts: My head hurts.  Thanks sinuses.  One more freaking day of this and then I can be done. I haven't weighed myself yet.
I am watching ice skating at the Olympics.  Everyone is falling.  Everyone.

Whole30 Day 37

Pre workout and post workout meals:Nothing pre.  Post was left over steak and fajita veggies.  Not a full supper, but I was hungry.
Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs, sweet potato poppers, coffee
Lunch: Steak, avocado, cut up veggies, apples
Snacks: Only post workout meal
Supper: Apples and sausage.  Mmmm.

Exercise: Run around Lake Nokomis, which surprised me that it actually happened
Shopping: None
Cooking:Supper only.  I need to make more bacon though
Thoughts:I am SO TIRED.  I have been most of the week.  Except yesterday when I shockingly got up and left my house by 6am to work out and then work work.

Whole30 Day 36 - Black bean reintroduction

Pre workout and post workout meals: Well, I did embrace the concept of 4th meal here.
Breakfast: Meal 1 - hard boiled eggs wrapped in prosciutto, coffee, RX Bar (because I had a packing failure and didn't have a banana)
Lunch: Meal 2 - Steak, avocado, cut up veggies, apple
Snacks: Fourth meal - banana pancakes with a side of bacon.  I had a bonus coco/date ball made by a colleague who is doing the paleo thing.
Supper: (Meal 3) Qat Lady cooked potatoes, veggies, chicken, with black beans and guacamole sauce.  I decided to have the black beans.  I told her reintroducing black beans before the race felt in a different spirit than reintroducing whiskey or cider early.
Exercise: I am shocked to report that I got up at the crack of dawn to run and lift weights.
Shopping: None
Cooking: Did I mention 4th meal?
Thoughts: I'm a day late on this one.  I was so exhausted yesterday I left Qat Lady and Pooky Bear, came home and went to bed.

Whole30 Day 35

Pre workout and post workout meals: None
Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, sweet potatoes, coffee
Lunch: I slept 'till noon again, so this was also a two meal day.
Snacks: Honestly, not really.
Supper: Fish, potatoes, green beans.  With Olive for company which made everything awesome.
Exercise: 4.5 miles around Lake Nokomis.  After Noon when I finally got my butt out of bed thanks to a call from the dungeon master.
Shopping: Surprisingly, no.
Cooking: Supper for Olive.  Lunches for the week.
Thoughts:  I don't know what's up with sleeping 'till noon.  But tomorrow is going to hurt for sure.

Whole30 Day 34 - The one I tried not to write

Pre workout and post workout meals: Pre was also breakfast at noon.  Couple of eggs.
Breakfast: See, I slept until noon.  Then I had a couple of eggs and then hit the gym.
Lunch: Next I had Banana pancakes with a side of bacon.  It's technically after day 30 so I'm done caring about pancakes with totally compliant ingredients.   Also there was coffee.
Snacks: Not really.  See sleeping until noon.
Supper: Those sweet potato poppers I made yesterday.  Those were legit.
Exercise: Run 1+ miles, lift some weights.  Be generally grumpy.
Shopping: None.
Cooking: Just the above.
Thoughts: This was also super bowl Sunday.  And I was captain sleepy pants.  So I'm writing this on Monday.

Whole30 Day 33 - The Day I lose My Will

Pre workout and post workout meals: Apricots before.  After was breakfast.
Breakfast: Which was also sort of lunch - sweet potatoes, eggs, bacon, coffee
Lunch: I made Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers.  I had a couple, but left the rest in the fridge.  Next time I do this, I need to use the grater on the food processor and then the other blade.  My potato pieces are not the right size.
Snacks: Banana and cashew butter
Supper: Sausage, grated sweet potatoes see above
Exercise: Running, walking, some zumba
Shopping: Big trip to the co-op
Cooking: Meals. Sweet potato poppers, cashew butter
Thoughts: I'm running out of steam, and having trouble remember that I need to keep this up for another week before the race.
I'm watching a lot of movies today, and they all have a lot of alcohol in them.  Weird how you notice these things when you're restricting the kinds of food that you eat.
Today is Feb 3.  I was trying to figure out the last time I made laundry detergent Turns out the last time I bought supplies was 12/28/16.  I know because I bought too much soap at that time and saved it.   I'm still trying to decide if it's worth it to keep making my own or if I should go back to store bought after this.

Whole30 Day 32

Pre workout and post workout meals:Well, nothing pre.  Post was banana pancakes which is ridiculous becuase I didn't even work out that hard. But I was hungry, so I ate.
Breakfast: Eggs, bacon
Lunch: Chicken, avocado, veggies, apples
Snacks: See my post workout meal
Supper: Cooked potatoes and steak fajitas from last night. 
Exercise: Run 1.3 miles, drills, we'll see if I get around to core conditioning or yoga tonight.
Shopping: No, and I meant to.
Cooking: Did I tell you about those banana pancakes? 
Thoughts: I know pancakes are technically illegal on W30, but I'm doing me here and I'm cool with it.
I am technically done with the "30" part anyways.  I keep telling myself that, like 'you can slip if you want to' and then my brain is all 'WTF, the race is in like 8 days.  Keep if together'
 My new favorite potato recipe:
  • Cut potatoes in 1" squares or slightly smaller.  (Home fries size for my southern people.) 
  • Melt some butter
  • Add salt, pepper, whatever you want to your melted butter.
  • Toss potatoes in said butter. 
  • Cook at 475* for 20mins.
  • Mmmmmmm. 

Whole30 Day 31

Pre workout and post workout meals: Nothing before, breakfast after
Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs wrapped in prosciutto; banana; coffee
Lunch: Chicken, avocado, cut up veggies, apple
Snacks: Apricots, pistachios, bacon.  I'm hungry.
Supper: This Steak Fajita recipe, at least for the marinade.  I did veggies as well, but not exactly how this recipe calls for.  I have lots of left overs.  That was not the best cut of steak for this, btw.
Exercise: Ran 1.2 miles or so, lift weights. It was nice to have this done before work.
Shopping: None really
Cooking: Supper only.
Thoughts: Day 31.  I keep thinking about how I could technically cheat now.  'Cause it's day 31.  But I haven't cheated.  Even though I'm grumpy and hungry and I don't know why.

Whole30 Day 30

Pre workout and post workout meals: Pre was lunch, post was coffee and a banana.  It is what it is.
Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, coffee
Lunch: Chicken, avocado, veggies, apples
Snacks: Homemade soda of blended berries, coconut milk and fizzy water.  It was excellent.
Supper: Salmon, potatoes, green beans.  Last night was so good I made a repeat.
Exercise: Annandale running, and it was a freaking pleasure.
Shopping: For supper only.  And I think I forgot more things at the Co op than I purchased there.
Cooking: Supper, and bacon for the week.
Thoughts: A friend asked me if I was all done with this '30 thing'.  Sigh, no.   But really, it's good for me so I'll keep it up for 10 more days right?

Whole30 Day 29

Pre workout and post workout meals: Lunch was before, dinner was after, so...
Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, coffee
Lunch: Chicken, avocado, cut up veggies, apple
Snacks: Banana and cashew butter
Supper: Arctic char, green beans, potatoes, with dump ranch and Qat Lady and My Pooky Bear to enjoy it.
Exercise: Yes, running, elliptical, and weight lifting
Shopping: Co-op for supper supplies including fish
Cooking: Supper only so far
Thoughts: Qat Lady asked me if I was about done with this.  No, damn it.  I have another week after this one. Then I can be normal again.  Le sigh.

Whole30 Day 28

Pre workout and post workout meals: Well, now, see...  Breakfast.  It was breakfast.
Breakfast: Potatoes, six minute eggs, bacon, coffee
Lunch: Kind of had this with supper.  This was not my best eating day.
Snacks: Does Kombucha count?
Supper: 2 chicken legs from my store bought compliant chicken.  Apples sauteed in butter.
Exercise: Run 4.5 miles, walk .5 miles, drills, core conditioning.  Plus at the end of the day, the Dungeon Master and I did the Super Bowl experience downtown.  So I was on my feet a lot. 
Shopping: Shopped for the week, including the aforementioned 'damn it, I didn't plan lunches, let's get a cooked chicken' chicken.
Cooking: Well not really.  But I did cut up some veggies for the week, so there's that.
Thoughts: It's day 28 and I'm nowhere near being done.  Dungeon Master was all, 'you know, that race next weekend' and I'm like 'it's two weeks away' because I'm literally counting the days.
I think the thing I miss the most this time is being able to go out with friends.

Whole30 Day 27

Pre workout and post workout meals: Pre- 2 slices of bacon.
Breakfast: Larabar.  This was also my post workout meal. Sorry, it's Sunday and my meals are always screwed up today.  Fizzy water because air is dry and I'm thirsty.
Lunch: Sweet potatoes, bacon, eggs, coffee.
Snacks: None yet, we'll see.
Supper: 6 minute eggs.  I believe these are also called 'soft boiled'.  Qat Lady taught me and they are excellent.  Two burger patties.  Prosciutto.  Fried plantain.  The plantain was ripe and perfect.
Exercise: Running, elliptical, weight lifting
Shopping: Surprisingly, no
Cooking: All of the above
Thoughts:  OMG, 27 days.

This is my third round, and the first time I'm really thinking about what are lifestyle changes I can make that are real and I just do all the time.
Between my first and second round, I didn't fall off the wagon too hard.  I was best about not eating grains nor a ton of dairy, and worst about alcohol and anything out to eat with friends.
Between the second round and this one, I fell off the wagon on everything, especially grains.  Pasta found its way back to my house, as did all of the bread.

Whole30 Day 26

Pre workout and post workout meals: None. 
Breakfast: Um.  Larabar.  Bacon, eggs, coffee.  It was a weird day.
Lunch: Sauteed apples.
Snacks: None.  I dreamed of chicken soup most of the day though.
Supper: Banana Pancakes with W30 ingredients only.  Apparently I'm ignoring the 'no pancakes' rule as long as my ingredients are legit. Berries.  Bacon.
Exercise: Ran 1.5 miles outside, that was all.
Shopping: None.
Cooking: Just meals.
Thoughts: I woke up with a raging headache.  Thanks sinuses.  Then I couldn't get my humidifier working properly.  So I had a pot of boiling water on for a while until I negotiated properly with the humidifier.  There was also some pharmacological intervention with Sudafed and Allegra.

Whole30 Day 25

Pre workout and post workout meals: Pre was an RX Bar, post was lunch.
Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs. Banana.  Coffee
Lunch: Around 2:30 or 3pm, I finally had lunch.  I really should've been hungrier.  Same as all the other lunches I had this week.
Snacks: Apple
Supper: Left over chicken, left over kale, potatoes, bacon
Exercise: Run 6 miles, lift weights.  See why 2 hard boiled eggs and a banana didn't seem like enough to get me to 2:30?
Shopping: None.
Cooking: Made bacon for the week
Thoughts: Some bacon takes longer than others in the oven.
I am so over washing tupperware.  I hate dishes in general but the amount of tupperware my lunches generate is ridiculous.
Two more weeks.  I miss being able to have dinner at a restaurant with friends.
I bought some kombucha for this round.  But I still haven't found the right time to drink it.  I have to be in a special mood.

Whole30 Day 24

Pre workout and post workout meals: Just, no.
Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs in prosciutto, banana, larabar.  Coffee.
Lunch: Steak, apples, veggies, salami
Snacks: The larabar I had for breakfast was really kind of a snack.
Supper: Chicken thighs, sweet potato, green beans, yellow squash.  Ate supper with the dungeon master.
Exercise: Run 1 mile, drills. I was captain grumpy pants apparently.
Shopping: None, even having a friend over for supper. I am getting the hang of this.
Cooking: Supper only
Thoughts: Over 3 weeks in.  I'm starting to think I'm losing weight again, but I wore pants that still fit kind of tight so I'm confused.
This recipe for baked chicken thighs is in my inspiration.  I used almond flour and egg wash with onion powder and chili powder as my seasonings though.

Whole30 Day 23

Pre workout and post workout meals: Nothing pre, Larabar post.
Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs wrapped in prosciutto, banana, coffee
Lunch: Apples, cut up veggies, steak, salami
Snacks: Just the Larabar
Supper: Sausage with green beans and squash; sauteed apples
Exercise: Run, drills
Shopping: Stopped at the co-op for bacon and eggs and bananas.  I can never have too many bananas.
Cooking: Supper only
Thoughts: I'm all "I got this" but I'm also like "what am I going to do when it's over?  Will I keep this up?"  We shall see.

Whole30 Day 22

Pre workout and post workout meals: None.
Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs wrapped in prosciutto.  Coffee.
Lunch: Flank steak, cut up veggies, apple, salami
Snacks: Apple
Supper: Chopped Salad at Punch with Qat Lady and My Pooky Bear.
Exercise: Run 20 mins on the treadmill; 50 mins on the elliptical; lift weights.  Maybe back outside tomorrow?
Shopping: None.
Cooking: None actually.
Thoughts: At Punch, My Pooky Bear had a pizza with all the bread.  Mmmmm.  Then Pooky and Qat Lady had a dessert panini.  And I was all 'I'm cool.  I got this.'  And then Pooky wanted to go to the liquor store for a minute to pick something up.  And I was all 'I just can't.'  I guess we've found my weakness.

Whole30 Day 21

Pre workout and post workout meals: None really
Breakfast: I'm going to admit I made banana pancakes.  Because it's a snow day and pancakes with eggs and bacon seemed like the right thing.  I had coffee as well.
Lunch: I'm also going to admit I didn't eat lunch here.  Snow day and I'm captain grumpy pants.  Whatever.
Snacks: Banana and cashew butter
Supper: Steak, kale, squash
Exercise: Run 1 mile.  Lots of snow shoveling.  Because we had a straight up blizzard.
Shopping: None.  Because we had a straight up blizzard.
Cooking: In addition to the meals above, I made lunches for the week.
Thoughts: I am captain grumpy pants and skipped writing this on the correct day.  It's a day late but I think still accurate.
Less than 3 weeks to go.

Whole30 Day 20

Pre workout and post workout meals: Pre - quarter of an avocado with salt; post - dried apricots.
Breakfast: Eggs, potatoes, bacon, coffee!
Lunch: Sausages, sautéed apples
Snacks: More dried apricots.  I have no regrets. 
Supper: Rest of the fish from yesterday, piece of bacon (just one), green beans
Exercise: Run 6 miles, drills, lift weights
Shopping: None. 
Cooking: All meals, plus cashew butter for the future.
Thoughts: This is the round I've certainly shopped the least.  First round I think I was at the co-op every single day.
I'm shopping for a late March race so I can do another round before Smiley's April wedding. So I can be skinny for his wedding.  Yes, I am that vain.

Whole30 Day 19

Pre workout and post workout meals: Pre was a banana.  Post was regular breakfast.
Breakfast: Sausages, sweet potato, eggs, coffee
Lunch: RX Bar - for reasons that will be explained below
Snacks: Well, only the RX bar for lunch
Supper: Tilapia breaded with almond flour and fried in ghee; sauteed mushrooms, roast cauliflower, bacon
Exercise: Run 5.25 miles, drills, 'core conditioning' yoga
Shopping: Co-op.  Spent $100 and talked to Rosa who is super excited for the Vikings game tomorrow.  When this publishes, it'll be like 3 weeks after that game.  I wonder what it'll be like to come back and read this.
Cooking: Breakfast and supper.  Nothing ahead.
Thoughts: Almost half way there.
More and more I'm thinking about those things I used to do that I gave up for this, and how to keep them 'gave up' after I'm technically done with this round.  How do I make this a lifestyle for real. Particularly alcohol.  But also not buying peanut butter cups in the check out line at the co-op.  Or popcorn at the movies.  Lifestyle.
Today was Productivity Saturday (which explains why I couldn't cook, or really be in the kitchen at all for 'lunch'.)
-Replaced the lock on my mailbox which had been busted for about a month.  Olive and Qat Lady were instrumental in this accomplishment in different ways.
-Some cleaning
-Self cleaned my oven, because it was warm enough to have the doors cracked today
-Dishes.  Lots of dishes.

Whole30 Day 18

Pre workout and post workout meals: LOL.  No
Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs wrapped in prosciutto, banana, coffee
Lunch: Same as the rest of the week except I didn't eat the pulled pork because it was a weird schedule today and that's how life is
Snacks: Larabar because as I mentioned, my lunch had limited protein
Supper: Left over veggies, pulled pork I skipped at lunch
Exercise: Run 1 mile
Shopping: No
Cooking: Not really this either
Thoughts: I was super grumpy yesterday so I'm writing this a day late.
Yesterday marks my first time going to The Riverview Theater and not having their popcorn.  That introduced me to a whole 'it is possible to come here and not have popcorn, maybe this is what my life should be like now' train of thought.

Whole30 Day 17

Pre workout and post workout meals: Nothing pre.  RX bar post workout.
Breakfast: Eggs, potato, bacon, coffee
Lunch: Pulled pork, salami, apple, cut up veggies, avocado
Snacks: None
Supper: Burger on a portobello 'bun' with bacon, potatoes with dump ranch
Exercise: Run 4.5 miles, lift weights
Shopping: None.  Surprised to say.
Cooking: Supper plus a couple packs of bacon.
Thoughts: I'm having more of those 'maybe I shouldn't eat this, because if I say it's only for special occasions, that tends to snowball' kinds of thoughts.  Like about everything. Chocolate.  Beer.  Popcorn. Cookies.
Maybe I should try to Whole30 down to a size 8 and see how long it takes me and what I learn from the process.  Maybe by then I'd learn not to do stupid stuff?  Think how fast I'd run..
Update - As I was trying to do a mindfulness meditation, I was aware of these thoughts popping into my head.  Perhaps the goal for living life should be
-Do Whole30 at home/work
-When I invite people for food, I invite them to my house.  (And therefore whole30)
-No Bitesquad at my house (which is sad, but more affordable)
-I can do anything I want when someone else invites me out to dinner, and I can go anywhere I want
Just now I also thought 'what about movies and popcorn' - I guess it'd be the same as dinner?  My idea - no popcorn, someone else invites me - do whatever feels good. I almost always do get popcorn at Riverview and almost always don't get it anywhere else. 

Whole30 Day 16

Pre workout and post workout meals: Before was homemade date balls a W30 friend made me.  Post was 2 pieces of bacon.
Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs wrapped in prosciuitto; banana, coffee
Lunch: Pulled pork; avocado; salami; cut up veggies; apple; pear
Snacks: None other than workout meals
Supper: Hamburger on a Portobella 'bun' with avocado and poached egg, potatoes and bacon on the side.  Firefox doesn't know 'portobella' or 'portobello' are words.  It keeps asking if I mean 'portable'.
Exercise: Run around Lake Nokomis, drills after running.  Lord willing I will do my 'core conditioning exercises' too but that hasn't happened yet.
Shopping: None
Cooking: Supper only
Thoughts: I have one pair of pants that could still fit a little better.
I am up and down in my MAF running pace, which usually gets better with W30. So hopefully more improvement. 
I'm realizing, after moments of being honest with myself, that I kept weight off last year between rounds because I didn't buy noodles and I didn't buy a ton of bread.  And then that all went to hell in November.  So that's a learning moment.

Whole30 Day 15

Pre workout and post workout meals: None really
Breakfast: Salami, hard boiled eggs, banana - odd I know, but I do what I can
Lunch: Pulled pork, avocado, pear, salami, cut up veggies
Snacks: None
Supper: The Qat Lady showed me how to do 'six minute eggs' which are awesome, potatoes, kale, mushrooms
Exercise: 3.25 miles on the treadmill, lift weights
Shopping: None
Cooking: None.  Because Qat Lady.
Thoughts: I had this moment after dinner when Qat Lady and My Pooky Bear were eating chocolate where I was thinking
'if I wasn't on W30 I'd be eating chocolate too'
'it's okay that I don't have it right now, but I should get chocolate sometimes'
'LOL, sometimes would turn into everyday if you let it'
and that thought process ended with 'maybe I should just not have desserts even when I'm not on W30 if I can't say no or set limits...'

Whole30 Day 14

Pre workout and post workout meals: Oh no.
Breakfast: Eggs, potatoes, bacon, coffee
Lunch: Banana, larabar.  Sorry, I know this is wrong
Snacks: None
Supper: Steak, mushrooms, sauteed green beans and zucchini
Exercise: Run 1 mile, core exercises
Shopping: No, I barely left the house at all
Cooking: Supper, and made extras for leftovers
Thoughts:  2 weeks down.  It seems like I have about 4 weeks to go. How many days am I doing this?
The whole 'no alcohol' thing is good.  I wonder if I could keep it up even after W30?

Whole30 Day 13

Pre workout and post workout meals: Well, the post meal probably counts as breakfast. 
Breakfast: Half an avocado, poached egg, coffee. 
Lunch: Eggs, sweet potato, bacon.
Snacks: None
Supper: Fried catfish (which could've used more flavor, but I had the right idea), sweet potatoes, sauteed yellow squash and zucchini
Exercise: Run 5 miles on the track, kettlebell workout
Shopping: Yes, $140 worth.  That's a lot, even for me.
Cooking: Yes.
Pulled pork for lunches.  This was not the greatest piece of pork, and I may be supplementing the meats this week.
Cut up veggies for lunches.
Cut up grapefruit, because that should always be a thing.
Thoughts: Someone told me yesterday she could tell I'd lost weight in my face.  Always a good sign.
A friend wants to lose weight before a wedding and I suggested W30 but noted it's a boatload of planning.  What do ya know, not eating crap works.
Friend also told me his Contigo tastes like coffee but he normally drinks tea.  I have no suggestions because I almost only put coffee in mine.
I'm figuring out I have about 4 weeks to go of this particular round.

Whole30 Day 12

Pre workout and post workout meals:Well, this was a complex day, so...
Breakfast: Half an avocado, some coffee, slice of prosciutto, poached egg
Lunch: Sweet potatoes, eggs, bacon.  Mmmmm.
Snacks: Larabar and more coffee during The Post movie with friends.
Supper: Very late, I had potatoes, green beans, bacon, and dump ranch dressing. 
Exercise: Run 3 miles outside at Lake Nokomis.  It was very cold.
Shopping: None.
Cooking: All the meals, but nothing ahead.
Thoughts: I forgot to write this last night, so I'm trying to remember.  This was a complex day because we had a 4pm movie, and I didn't wake up early to run.  So I woke up late, had a small breakfast, went for a run, then had a more normal size meal, and then snacks at the movie.
Sat at a restaurant and had water while friends had cocktails.  That was a new experience.

Whole30 Day 11

Pre workout and post workout meals: Nothing before; post workout was a Larabar
Breakfast: Banana, hard boiled eggs, coffee!
Lunch: Steak, pear, veggies, salami
Snacks: None except the Larabar
Supper: Sausage, sauteed pear, sauteed squash
Exercise: Run 1.5 miles, lift weights
Shopping: None
Cooking: Supper
Thoughts: Day 11 already? That's good.
I'm going to the movies tomorrow.  We'll see what the smell of $10/bag popcorn does to me.
I just read something saying it really takes 66 days to form a habit.  I wonder if I'll ever do a Whole66

Whole30 Day 10

Pre workout and post workout meals: LOL. No
Breakfast: I ate late.  Because ice and snow.  Eggs, bacon, sweet potato, coffee.  Maybe a banana.  I forget.
Lunch: Same as yesterday plus a Larabar.  Also at pretty late. 
Snacks: None
Supper: Fried plantain and crisped prosciutto; grapefruit.  I ate lunch late so I wasn't hungry.  This was more an 'I have to eat or I'll regret it later' thing.
Exercise: Ran a mile in the snow.
Shopping: Franklin Ave Co op on the way home.  Did I mention the ice and snow.  It was literally on the way or I would not have stopped.
Cooking: Breakfast and technically supper
Thoughts: Eating one meal late screws up all the rest of the meals for the day.  Sigh.
Also, I legit would've had a banana pancake but I couldn't remember if I needed almond milk and I didn't have any.

Whole30 Day 9

Pre workout and post workout meals: Pre workout was some pumpkin seeds an hour or two before.  I had scheduling issues.  Post workout was a banana.
Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs; banana; coffee
Lunch: Same as yesterday but I abandoned the olives.  It's like the don't taste good when they've been out of their juices too long
Snacks: Only the pre/post workout stuff
Supper: Leftovers from last night.  Just as good the second time around
Exercise: Ran around Lake Nokomis in the evening and had a freaking blast
Shopping: None, though I considered making a pre-snow run for bacon.
Cooking: None really, even dinner was just reheating
Thoughts: I bought a bunch of bananas at Costco and have been eating them like it's my job.

Whole30 Day 8

Pre workout and post workout meals: Nothing before.  Banana after.
Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs.  Coffee.  I know, but I forgot my banana.
Lunch: Steak; pears; cut up veggies; salami; olives
Snacks: Did I mention the banana?
Supper: Crock pot chicken, purple potatoes, green beans, carrots, and lots of dump ranch.  And excellent company with My Pooky Bear.
Exercise: Ran 5.6 miles in the afternoon, lifted weights.  Lunch was kind of my 'pre workout meal'
Shopping: None.
Cooking: Supper
Thoughts: I'm on day 9 of meditating every day this month and only on day 8 of Whole30.  It's a bit of a let down mentally to be a day behind.
#2 - I was thinking I haven't been nearly as hungry in the middle of the night on this round as I have been on other rounds.  Maybe because I'm eating a ton?

Whole30 Day 7

Pre workout and post workout meals: None
Breakfast: Sweet potatoes, eggs, bacon, coffee
Lunch: In two stages, first one was veggies with a friend.  Next stage was baked mahi and plantains.  Long story why I ate in stages today.
Snacks: None really.
Supper: Hard boiled egg wrapped in prosciutto, snap peas with dump ranch, banana with cashew butter. That's a lame supper I know.
Exercise: Run in the morning plus drills and 'core conditioning'
Shopping: Went to the co-op.  Spent lots of money.  I was also getting food for tomorrow night.
Cooking: Dump Ranch which is a staple of the whole30 and I can't believe I've never made it before.
All the meals. 
Lunches for the week including cut up veggies, flank steak, cut up salami for fats
Thoughts: All of a sudden I've forgotten how to cook chicken thighs in a crock pot.  We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Whole30 Day 6

Pre workout and post workout meals: Banana before the workout, banana and cashew butter afterwards
Breakfast: Potatoes, eggs, bacon, coffe
Lunch: Sausage, apples pears sautted in butter
Snacks: None really.
Supper: Sauteed pears and prosciutto.  It's been a big pears day with lots of butter.
Exercise: Run 5 miles, lift weights
Shopping: I'm surprised to say I have not been shopping today.
Cooking:All the meals.
Thoughts: Did I tell you I got to run outside today?
I hope I'm not going to regret all those pears.

Whole30 Day 5

Pre workout and post workout meals: I am surprised to tell you that I did have two hard boiled eggs wrapped in prosciutto before the workout.  Banana with cashew butter post workout.
Breakfast and Lunch: Let's be honest here.  Sweet potatoes, eggs, bacon, coffee
Snacks: Dried Apricots
Supper: Leftover chicken, roasted cauliflower, spinach, toasted prosciutto
Exercise: Run 4 miles, Zumba.  I was tired after Zumba.
Shopping: I am equally surprised to tell you that I did not go shopping today.
Cooking: Frozen berries. And now I'm all 'how do I explain this?  Breakfast, supper.
Thoughts: The Frozen Berries thing in a way that's Whole30 Compliant:
  • Buy a big bag of frozen berries (think Costco size)
  • Put 1/4 to 1/3 of the berries in a pot, put the pot over low-medium heat, let the berries cook down.
  • Add a few more berries in.  Let them cook down some.
  • Add the rest of the berries.  Stir.  
I pack these in single serving tupperwares and freeze them.  Then I thaw as needed.
They go really well over chia seed pudding.
There is a non-Whole30 way of doing this.  I believe corn starch and possibly sugar are included.  I find it sweet enough and thick enough on its own.

Whole30 Day 4

Pre workout and post workout meals: LOL.
Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, potatoes.  Coffee with coconut milk.  And I spilled coconut milk ALL OVER my kitchen.  I've almost got it all cleaned up now.
Lunch: Chicken, olives, veggies, apple.  No avocado and that is perhaps why I'm hungry now.  Or maybe it's that I ate lunch at like 10:45am.
Snacks: Banana with cashew butter, dried apricots
Supper: Sausage, potatoes, spinach, and marinated onions.  This was a throw together meal and it worked out well.  Marinated onions.
Exercise: Ran outside for 1 mile
Shopping: Costco adventure.  I got avocados, bananas, pears, frozen fruit, steak for next week lunches, and gum.  And pants.
Cooking: Breakfast and supper
Thoughts: I'm at the point where I don't want to cook dinner.  On a non-W30 day this is where I'd call Bite Squad.  And gain weight too I guess.
#2 - Day 4.  Woohoo.  I'm like 1/10th the way there.

Whole30 Day 3

Pre workout and post workout meals:None. 
Breakfast: Purple sweet potatoes, eggs, bacon, coffee
Lunch: Chicken, avocado, olives, apple, veggies.  Eaten on the run. 
Snacks: Dried apricots.  Not sure if this is a snack or a post workout something, but it definitely happened.
Supper: Had the Dungeon Master over.  We had sauteed green beans, roasted cauliflower, purple sweet potatoes with ghee, and flank steak.  I crisped some prosciutto for her too.
Exercise: Ran on the treadmill to get my mile.  Finished up cardio on the elliptical because I am so over the treadmill it isn't funny. Lift weights.
Shopping: Stopped at the Co op for green beans and eggs.  I wanted to get the ingredients for 'dump ranch' too, but the websites have too many ads to load right on my phone so I gave up trying to find that recipe.
Cooking: Breakfast, supper, cashew butter, and make ahead bacon.
Thoughts: Every time I start W30 I think I'm not going to get the carb flu.  And then every single time, I'm all 'I feel like crap'.  I slept in and made sure to eat a lot today.  And am now feeling much better.

Whole30 Day 2

Pre workout and post workout meals:Nothing pre, Larabar post workout
Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs, coffee with coconut milk, apple
Lunch: Apple, chicken + avocado, veggies, pumpkin seeds, olives
Snacks: Did I mention that Larabar?
Supper: Sauages, and apple + yellow squash sautted in butter.  This has been my go to meal for a while now.  Plus bacon because the first dinner didn't quite fill me up.  Sigh.
Exercise: Captain Grumpy Pants ran 3 miles on the treadmill
Shopping: Surprisingly, none
Cooking: Dinner
Thoughts: I keep forgetting I'm on this.  Like, I walked into a clinic today and there were donuts and I was all that'd be good before I realized WTF.  I'm doing Whole30.  I can't have that right now.

Whole30 Day 1

Pre workout and post workout meals: Nothing before.  After is breakfast
Breakfast: Hard boiled eggs.  Coffee with coconut milk.
Lunch: Chicken, veggies, apple.  I forgot about the olives and had them later.
Snacks: Bacon.  Serious.  And the apple sauce I didn't eat for lunch. And a banana and cashew butter.  Because breakfast and lunch weren't big enough. 
Supper: Steak, yellow squash, zuccini, purple sweet potatoes that are also purple on the inside. 
Exercise: Run on the track, lift weights
Shopping: Co op for steak.
Cooking: Dinner only.
Thoughts: Breakfast was too small.
Steak wasn't worth it.  I massively burned my fingers because I'm a bonehead, and I set off the building fire alarm for a minute.  It appears the fire department was not called.
I need to see if I have avocado for lunch because that wasn't big enough either.


Food Habits?

I spend entirely too much time on Lifehacker.  As I was hanging out there I read this article asking for the dirt on people's food habits.  Since I'm coming to the end of Whole30, this is on my mind anyways.

What’s your favorite processed, totally craptastic food you enjoy more than homemade?  Butter popcorn. The already popped butter popcorn you can buy at the gas station.  Butter flavor popcorn is legit hard to find.  Cheese popcorn is ubiquitous. 

Do you have a daily habit you cannot break? Running?  Oh, no, this is about food.  Coffee.  I guess I could try to break that habit but I don't want to.  I don't even feel bad about wanting coffee every day.

Have you managed to make any positive, healthful food or drink changes this year? I'm on day 37 of Whole30.  I will not stay on the super strict regime for the whole year, but I probably will do it again this year as I prepare for more races.

What meal planning or prep work helps you not eat like crap during the week?  Making all my lunches ahead for the week.  Sometimes I make breakfast the night before as well.  (Lots of hard boiled eggs.)

Do you watch TV while you eat?  Yes, when I'm alone.  No when I'm with others.  Unless I'm specifically there to watch something.  I dated a guy once who always wanted to watch TV while we ate and it was not my jam.

Where do you eat most of your meals?  I legit eat a significant portion of my meals in my car.  Sometimes breakfast and almost always lunch.  At home, I eat on my couch if I'm alone, at my table if I have people over. 

Do you eat at your desk at work or do you make an effort to change your scenery? LOL.  Did I tell you how much I eat from my car?  I remember when I had an office with a microwave and I could prepare this wide variety of food every day.

Have you ever stuck to a diet change long-term?  For most of 2017 I kept pasta and crackers and bread out of the house. And it kept a significant amount of weight off.  I know this because when pasta came back in my house around Christmas, the weight did too.

What made this diet change work?  It helped me to see nutrition as part of race training.  Which is why I didn't keep it up at  the end of last year when race training was over.


Weight Lifting?

Tuesday's on the Run asks:

Strength Training: Yay or Nay?  I mean, obviously Yay.  I started over a year ago with a 'just go do something at least 3 times/week' and 'experiment, find what works, most important thing is to get into the habit of doing it 3/week' attitude. From there I had help from a trainer, classes, and some programs from the internet. 
Now I do a rip off of the 5x5 program two days/week (A and B days) and one day of single leg/single arms stuff with kettle bells.  All days have a push, a press, and legs components.  Workouts are 20-30 minutes. 

What's Your Favorite Thing?  I hate them all? No, that's not true.  I kind of like them all.  The most improvement I've seen is my confidence in the bench press.  I used to use dumbbells.  But I've started using the bar and generally am not afraid of strangling myself with a weight too heavy to lift.  Progress, right?

Have You Seen the Benefits in Your Runs?  Yes?  I made a bunch of changes around the same time last year including weights, changes to my diet, and some speed workouts last spring.  So it's hard to attribute cause to one change or another.  What I remember was a total lack of soreness after last year's Flying Pig Half Marathon. Usually after that I'm so sore I can't walk for a day or two. By the time I got to the 10 miler I was in some of the best shape of my life and the race reflected that.


February Goals - Spanish

One of my goals for February and March is to be around Spanish in some form every day so I can practice for an upcoming trip.

This video is awesome, and I think will become funnier and funnier as I understand more and more of it.


VDay 5K - 2 Weeks To Go

Weekly Miles Planned: 24-27
Actual: 28 with running, walking, and ellipticals

Proprioceptive cue: Driving the thigh
Core conditioning exercises: One Round: Single Leg Squat x10 each leg; Side plank x20 secs each side; Lying Draw-in with hip flexion x10 each side; Bird dog, hold 10 secs, x5 each side.  Two Rounds: Lying hip abduction x12 on each side; Cook Hip Lift, hold 5 secs x5 each leg; Knee fall out x12 each leg; Overhead draw in, hold 5 secs x5
Drills: Bounding; Stiff Leg Running; Running No Arms

Sunday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Sunday Kettlebell Workout
Actual: 1.25 miles running on the treadmill, plus .25 miles cooldown.  4 'miles' on the elliptical.  Sunday Kettlebell workout. After the workout, I explored Super Bowl Festivities for a minute.

Monday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, drills, core conditioning exercises
Actual: I am surprised to report, I ran 4.5 miles, did drills and core conditioning, and then walked .5 miles to cool down.  Who am I?  On the track, I saw my ultimate relationship goal: a couple walking around hand in hand. They looked so sweet.

Tuesday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Lift Weights
Actual: 1.25 miles on the dreadmill, 3.75 'miles' on the elliptical.  Tuesday weights.  I am up to 2x25lb plates for squats and 2x10lb plates for bench press.
Wednesday Planned: 1 Mile Run, drills, core conditioning exercises
Actual: 5.3 miles in Annandale around the lake.  Drills at the end of the run.  Core Conditioning exercises later in the day.

Thursday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Lift Weights
Actual: 1.16 miles on the track.  Lift weights.  (Mileage is swapped with yesterday.)

Friday Planned: 1 Mile Run, drills, core conditioning exercises
Actual: 1.3 miles plus drills outside; core conditioning

Saturday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Maybe Zumba?
4 miles running, a few laps walking with friends.
10 minutes of Zumba.  I was not feeling the music today so I left.  


2018 Goals Update: January

Whole30 in January 2 - Feb 10.  So far, so good.

Keep up the streak.  So far, so good.
Keep weight lifting 3 days/week.  So far, so good.
Cross train with Zumba. Meh.  I have been to one Zumba class this year.  I hate being at the gym in January. I also haven't been to the Monday/Wednesday Zumba classes which I typically enjoy.  Perhaps my schedule needs some consideration?


5K in February.
Possible addition of 1-2 races in March.  Contenders are the MDRA races.  Lake Johanna 4 miler on March 17 and/or MDRA 7 Mile on March 31.  One entry fee would cover both races.
Loony Challenge in October
Feet in the Street 5K in October.
Break 30:00 in a 5K
Continue MAF training through June.  MAF training is continuing.


Meal per day Whole30 Posts daily, all publish at the ‘end’ of the Whole30. So far so good.  Today is day 30 of roughly 40.
Race Training posts weekly.  So far so good.  Race is soon.

General life stuff:

Read 12 books in 2018.  This one is likely to happen, since I'm already 7 or 8 deep. 
Read 50 books in 2018.   I mean, it's possible. I have trouble believing I'm going to keep this up.
Meditate every day in January.  Meditation yes.  Blog post about it kind of fell apart.  But the meditation did happen.
Volunteer at a race.  I'm considering volunteering at Hot Dash since Dungeon Master is running the 5K and I'm pretty sure I won't run that one. 
Learn to french braid my hair.  Not long enough yet.
February/March Addition: Spanish lessons every day of the month, both months.  For reasons.