6 miles of... um... well

Run: I ran inside on the track today.  I used the Wahoo Fitness App on treadmill mode so it would talk to my heart rate monitor and keep track for me.  Or at least I thought I had it on treadmill mode...  I also used the Nike+ app because it tracks distance indoors for me.  I don't know why it wont speak to my heart rate monitor, but those are the breaks.  As it turns out, I left the GPS on for the wahoo trackr, and the results are pretty hilarious.

The information from my heart rate monitor is correct.  The spike at the end had to do with Lucinda.  The splits from the Nike+ app are probably not 100% correct (because running in circles seems to confuse it somewhat) but they are close.

Zumba: Kicked my ass tonight.  Mainly because I'd just run six miles.  I think I appeared half dead for most of the class.  I jumped very little and was fairly uncomfortable most of the class.  I have displeased my hip flexors in some way (shocker, I know).  After Zumba, many tacos were consumed.


Running Fail - being lost doesn't usually make me this grumpy!

I did run my mile today, but I kept thinking it would never get done.

Sand Dunes: Not for Runners.  And not for the reasons you'd think.  It's a long story why I tried to run here.  The major selling point was a parking lot and a place to change into my running gear.  The major drawback turned out to be the burrs and hitchikers.  I mean the crazy painful type.  Apparently these trails really aren't groomed?  I went about 0.2 miles before turning around and going back to the car.  I surrender.

Next: I started heading back towards the cities with a plan to stop and run along the Rum River Trail.  I was in Elk River when, lo and behold, I saw a runner.  I was all 'I'll go where he's going'.

Woodland Trails Park.  This seemed like a good idea and it even had grass trails.  Wrong!  I got so lost and turned around.  Something with so few acres really shouldn't have that many trails.  I did fit my mile in here, running between .82 miles and 1.86 miles on my app without stopping.  But it was slow and frustrating.  Where the hell am I!?!  I found a Rail-Trail as part of the park and decided that if I ever come back, I'm going to stay on the asphalt trails and learn my way around the park before off-roading again.  It looks like some of the trails are groomed or managed in some way for winter hiking, so I'll have to give it another chance when I'm not in a pissy mood about not knowing where I am.  Shout out here to Endomondo, Google Maps and the Compass app on my phone for keeping me out of any real trouble.


4.3 Miles - to Downtown

Today started out with me eating popcorn for breakfast, feeling undernourished, and then purchasing a new dishwasher.  It was rough and by the afternoon, I was really ready for a run.

Run: I'd kept threatening to run from my house to the gym downtown and today felt like the day to actually drop the hammer.  I didn't run on the Greenway or out by the lakes, just straight up to downtown.  It's different running in the city because there's so many people on the sidewalk who are not running or walking for fitness.  I found them an excellent distraction.  The other striking distance is the stop lights every couple of blocks.  Those really slowed me down but ultimately I was glad for the break.  Because it's almost all uphill to get to downtown. Who knew?

Spin: I've renamed the teacher 'Dungeon Master' because someone already called her Satan and she didn't like that nickname.  Not kidding.   Today we did workout #1.  I'm trying to keep track of workouts 1-9 and which ones are the worst torture.  Don't tell her but I found this one challenging but possible, just shy of absolute torture.  I think she took out the jumps for me because I really hate those.  Does it hurt anyone else to come out of the saddle on a spin bike or is it just me?

Brick: To get home from Spin, I have a very tight bus connection so I ran a few more blocks and then walked the last one or two to get to the bus stop.  It really seemed like a lot of people got on the bus with me.  Then the driver said "the bus before me was a no show; but for the record, I am on time".  That bus showed up about 10 minutes later and we leap-frogged with him most of the route from there on. 

Really, it hurts my body to come out of the saddle on the bike.  Am I doing something wrong?
What should my heartrate be for a Spin class?  Was I working hard enough?
 I'm trying to find an app that can handle data from a heart rate monitor while I'm on a stationary bike.  Any recommendations?


Milk Run 5K and the Minnesota State Fair

The Milk Run was my very first race back in 2005.  I ran it again in 2006 and 2007 and I think that was my fastest year as well.  Since then I stopped registering or wasn't in town to make it work, but kept going to the fair.  2008 was the year of the Chicken, 2010 was the year of 'why we don't ride Sky Gondolas', and in 2013 a friend reintroduced me to the awesomeness that is the Milk Run and put it back in my brain....

Milk Run: or as I like to call it the Pain Train.  The course winds around the Falcon Heights neighborhood and seems like it should be awesome and lovely.  And then you see the course profile and you're all 'well welcome to hell'.  I planned emotionally to be on the pain train for this entire race.  Because really, a 5K is no time to hold back.  But with a bachelorette party the night before and 4 hours of sleep, I wasn't planning on a PR either.   I just wanted to see what I could do.  I was disappointed that I didn't get the last mile faster than 10:00, but I really couldn't breathe by then anyways so I guess it's fine.  Chip time: 33:46

Fair Fun: Lucinda and I and a friend of hers saw most of the fair.  My legs were absolutely killing me by the end of the day.  I've never wished for compression socks and a foam roller so bad in my entire life.

Highlights of this year's fair
  • The horses: It's hilarious they bring in the miniatures and then the Clydesdale group next.  Excellent juxtaposition.
  • Poultry Barn: I got excellent pictures of the chickens I think
  • SkyTower: where I am I still afraid
  • The Fine Arts Building: it's always so much better than I expect it to be
  • Bonus highlight: The Raptor Center.  It was too late for a tour when we stopped but we did get to see a couple animals close up

Fair Fails this year
  • Fried Buckeyes: I was originally very excited for the food of my original people to be served to the food of my adopted people, but they got bad reviews and the picture just didn't look right so we stayed away.  Too bad.
  • Commonwealth Ave is no longer open to pedestrian traffic.  What the actual fuck?!?  This irked Lucinda to no end.  It didn't bother me 'till later when I realized it literally added a mile of walking each way to the car.  I'm so glad I didn't know that at the time because I would've tried to climb the fence.
  • No compression socks and no ibuprofen.  Seriously.  I hurt. A lot.


5.3 Miles - back to my running paths

The thing about Cincinnati Running is that it mostly takes place on main streets with cars zooming by next to the sidewalk.  (Madison Road and Grandin Road, I'm looking at you.)  Where I was running last week, some of the busiest places don't even have a grass boulevard between the sidewalk and the cars so I was really right next to them.  It was not my favorite kind of running.

Today, I went for an early run, 5.3 miles along the creek.  I noticed myself being really grateful for not running along a main road. I stayed on these big sidewalks on these very quiet side streets, and had a block on the main road becuase I go up to a walk light to cross.  Then I zipped down to a running path that's not even near a road.   I got to see lakes and creeks and my Blue Heron friend.  I have no idea where the egret went.  I didn't realize how not fun it was to be always running around cars until I got a break from it. Another reason I'm glad to be in Minnesota.


Running Cincinnati

There's not too terribly much I want to say about my trip home.  It had some definite highs but some lows as well.  Running was definitely a bright spot, so I will talk about the crazy hills there.  There is literally no flat space there. 

Wednesday: 3.3 mile run, stop at coffee shop, 1 mile walk home.  This is the profile for the entire trip.

Thursday: 6.3 miles.  Hilly which was hilarious because Mom assured me it was flat.  That stuff in the middle was about as much fun as it looks like.

Friday: 1.25 mile run, just enough to keep the streak alive.

Saturday: 6.3 miles, again.  This time at least I knew it was going to be hilly.

Sunday: 1.5 miles run.  I was worn out.

Monday: 7.65 miles run.  2.8 mile walk in the woods with Mom and Dad.  This was a hard run.  I did not use my heart rate monitor, but still took walk breaks in places I knew I should.  This is the profile for the run only.

Wordless Monday: I love you!