6 Miles on the Greenway

Running: The Greenway was busy this morning when I got out for my run.  It was a surprisingly good run.  My heart rate basically stayed where I wanted it, and I am getting faster at an aerobic rate.  At least when it's cool.  It was such a good run I didn't even feel like stopping to take a picture!

Other workouts: Saturday is Zumba day.  I also celebrated the weekend by riding my bike to and from the gym.  I was thrilled that it didn't rain on me.


6 miles: Elm Creek Park Preserve

I found myself very close to Elm Creek Park Reserve at the end of the day.  That means I should run here right?  I'd only been to Elm Creek one other time and I loved it so I was super happy to get back. 

Trails: Today I was on a mix of paved trails and grass/dirt trails, and what may have been horse trails.  The horse trails were pleasantly free of poo if that's indeed what they were.  Sadly, many of the non-paved trailed were still utterly compromised by puddles, which meant I kept having to find my way back to the pavement.  This place is so huge.  I've been here twice and still barely seen any of what's here.  I can't wait for the dirt trails to dry up so I can get into the middle of the park more.

Run: Slow, hot, and gorgeous are the adjectives for this run.  Slow because I was not super speedy.  The paved parts of the trail were easier, but still involved rolling hills.  The non-paved parts of the trail were and utter adventure.  I'm sure not knowing my way around and having to stop to look at the map all the time didn't help.  Hot because it was in the low 80s.  I found it fantastic.  Seriously, what is wrong with me?  And gorgeous because duh! 

Zumba: I totally went to Zumba after running.  And danced my heart out because the teacher played the Boom Boom song for me.  And then we had tacos after because I was so hungry from all the running and the dancing.


Early Wednesday Run: I can't possibly be that fast

Early Wednesday morning, I headed out for a 4-mile run around Lake Hiawatha.  And I had a blast.  Even better than Monday's run. 

Heart rate:  The big story of the morning was my heart rate.  It was crazy low.  Am I really running?  Why isn't it faster?  I guess that cooler temperatures really do have an impact.  I'm so used to barely making a 13:00 mile in the afternoon when it's 85*.  This run was so much better.  And Lake Hiawatha was gorgeous.


6 Miles of 'that was so much better'

Good news!  Today's run was 100 times better than yesterday's fiasco.  I am so happy!  I helped that it was in the low 60s (perhaps even the 50s?) when I went out to run.  It seems that it's impossible to elevate my heart rate in cooler temperatures.  Take that mother nature! 

Run: My goal for today was to go have fun and erase the bad juju from yesterday.  I did just over 6 miles, mostly along Minnehaha Creek and Lake Hiawatha and mostly flat.  I kept my heart rate in the 140s the entire time.  Apparently the temperature really makes a difference in this heart rate training business.  Today I was able to keep miles 2, 3, and 4 under 13:00 miles.  Yes!  That's a huge improvement over when I started this whole 'Liz keeps an even heart rate' thing.  Back then it was a miracle if even 1 mile went under 13:00.  To celebrate my accomplishment, my Egret friend paid me as a visit as did a sweet blue heron.

Spin: I had a bonus workout at the end of the day.  A friend teaches spin class on Mondays so I took the bus downtown to take her class.  I'd thought about biking to spin class but was glad I didn't when I got on the bus and moments later it started raining so hard the drops were going sideways.  Where did that come from?  I still have to ask at almost every change "what gear and what RPM?" but my friend has a good sense of humor about the whole thing.  Downtown was an interesting place to be with the All Star game tomorrow and all the rain.  I took a different bus back home which was much less of an experience that it had the potential to be.

Other Productivity: I found a car wash today.  One of my goals with being a new car owner is to keep the car clean, something at which I did not excel with the previous automobile.  The biggest obstacle to cleanliness was getting the inside vacuumed/dusted/washed and I'll never do it myself.  Spending some time on Yelp (which has reviews for everything!) led me to Dan's Car Wash.  When I pulled in, a Minneapolis Police Officer was just sending his squad car in for a wash and clean, which I considered a high recommendation. 


6.5 Miles I'd like to forget

Run: Today's run was just blah.  There was no way I could keep my heart under 155.  It was a bit warm, and a totally not flat course just proved too much.  After a couple miles I switched to a run/walk interval, and then totally walked the last mile home.  I still somehow managed to set a 'personal best' for a 400m effort when I bombed down 50th street from Nicollet back to the parkway.  That downhill was the whole reason I picked that route.  It is every bit as fun as it looks. 

Lake Harriet: In one of my favorite summer traditions, we saw the Minneapolis Pops.  Tonight was Pirates of Penzance with our local Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta group.  I had a blast.  It was fun to go with Lucinda who is herself a theater buff and has a great background knowledge about all that is happening on stage.  

Productivity Bugs: I got laundry done, and cleaned my whole house.  Who would've guessed.  Sadly now I have a moth the size of a pigeon flying around my living room and I'm not really sure how to catch it.  I think I tracked a spider in here too so I'm hoping that takes care of it. I don't have a picture of the moth or the spider, but I did find some other amazingly obliging bugs today.


6 Miles on the Greenway

I went on my second (or third?) date with my new running shoes today. I had just over 6 miles on the Greenway and then some Zumba to keep me entertained.

The run: In the middle of the run, I met a friend that I trained with as part of Team:Work at the old job.  Random considering she doesn't even live in Minneapolis.  We ran together for a mile.  During said time my heart rate jumped from 150 to 170.  Awesome.  Anaerobic training.  I didn't feel wildly uncomfortable, other than I knew I was going faster than I normally run.  My heart rate was utterly not helped by the 95% humidity I experienced during the run.  After I left my friend, I did a run/walk situation that kept my heart rate in a much more reasonable range.

Supper: Since starting my new job, I've been reminded of the difference between dinner and supper.  For supper, three of us tried Hola Arepa's brick and mortar restaurant.  It was the loudest place I've ever been.  The food was good, but the place was so loud we just couldn't enjoy each other, or the food really.  It was so loud that we couldn't talk to each other.  But I entertained myself by downloading a decibel meter for my iPhone to measure the chaos.  Per the app, the restaurant is as loud as a typical food blender.